Best beauty supplement and best supplement for skin, hair and nails – Lumity wins FIVE more awards!

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We are delighted to announce that we won five accolades in the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Wellness Awards. These are: BEST MULTI-PURPOSE SKINCARE PRODUCT for our new cleanser, Lumity Nutrient Skin Saviour 4-in-1 Cleanse. we have been told that judges were really impressed by this botanical wonder at the testing phase. 


We are thrilled that we won BEST BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT for our Morning & Night Female Supplements in the SKIN, BRAIN HEALTH, IMMUNITY, FATIGUE SOLUTIONS category, and BEST SUPPLEMENT FOR HAIR, SKIN, NAILS in the VITAMINS, MINERALS, COLDS, FLU, COUGH category as well as two Editor’s Choice Awards for our Jade Roller and our Skin Nutrients Facial Oil. 


We also won BEST BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT in the 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards. 

It is one of the most competitive categories in the annual awards — which is seen as one of the beauty and wellness industry’s most authentic accolades. 

There’s no big brand sponsorship, no expensive advertising or marketing campaigns and no public voting. 

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Lumity’s flagship Morning and Night supplements deliver the most effective support at the right time for the greatest number of benefits.

Instead, the Beauty Shortlist’s dedicated team gather a panel of expert judges from London, New York and Sydney. These include carefully chosen wellness and beauty influencers, bloggers and editors who are known for their high and exacting standards. 

After months of careful testing the panel give genuine opinions on the products which they enjoyed the most and that they believe are winners.

With over 600 entrants from beauty and wellness brands globally we are truly honoured that our scientifically-formulated all natural day and night capsules won BEST BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT in the most competitive category. 

Fiona Klonarides, Beauty Shortlist Editor says: “Ditch that second big morning coffee and invest in a month’s supply of Lumity instead.”

She added: “Spanning the absolute essentials of important health enhancers which we should all be taking these days, Lumity’s Morning & Night duo will up your beauty and wellbeing game.” 

One of the judges said: “I wasn’t sure if this product would work, but boy I was wrong. My skin is looking great, I’m feeling fantastic and I’ve got more energy. I’m sold.” 



We also won an EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD in 2018 for Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil. 


Lumity’s award-winning Skin Nutrients Facial Oil has won the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award in 2018 and 2020. 


This oil was formulated by Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD and is backed by the same science as the supplements. It has been created with 32 of nature’s most skin-loving and healing botanicals. 

Suitable for all skin types, LUMITY SKIN NUTRIENTS FACIAL OIL winning such a prestigious award so soon after launching speaks volumes as to why it has already become such a cult skincare favourite. 

“A seriously good glow-booster, this exceedingly divine oil literally covers all the bases you’d want it to cover, from firming and strengthening to smoothing and rebooting skin’s overall health, look and feel. This one’s a keeper” – The Beauty Shortlist

A judge said: “Divine scent, easily absorbed, this really worked hard on my fine lines and wrinkles. A game-changer.” 

This takes the total of awards which Lumity has won up to a total of TWELVE beauty industry awards since 2017. 



We won an EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD for our day and night supplements in the Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2017. And, we won BEST VITALITY SUPPLEMENT in the Attracta Beauty Awards that summer. We also won an award for BEST FACIAL OIL in the 2018 Attracta Awards. 

Plus, we picked up an award for our supplements in the 2018 FREE FROM SKINCARE awards and 2019’s Women’s Health Magazine Awards. 


Lumity is loved by a string of A-list stars, influencers, actors, musicians, beauty Editors from magazines and newspapers, as well as men and women worldwide plus industry insiders. 

These awards join glowing endorsements from beauty editors at glossy high-end magazines and newspapers across the world. 

But it is our clients that will always be our primary focus. We didn’t ever set out to win beauty industry awards and accolades — much as we are honoured when we are awarded them. 

Our clinical trials are always made up of willing human participants. As well as being passionate about conscious beauty and creating natural products which contain no toxins or anything that could harm you, Lumity is firmly AGAINST testing on animals. 

It’s the Lumity reviews which we hear from our happy customers on a daily basis that will always matter most to our team. And, it is our loyal clients and dedicated stockists who keep us going. 

We would like to take this moment of celebration to thank you all for your continued support. Your opinions matter to us and we are always delighted to hear your stories.

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