The black beauty tips that the experts recommend this summer

-May 29, Jenny Paul , Beauty -

With summer here in the Northern Hemisphere you are probably busy revamping your wardrobe – but what about your makeup? There’s some stunning – and bold – new beauty trends all over the magazines and social media this summer which suit black skin beautifully. We’ve asked a team of top beauty experts and makeup artists what they recommend and what to steer clear of… 

When the sun is shining we need to adapt our makeup accordingly – which means the chance to try new different colours and finishes! The mix of summer shades and recent trends can make it confusing to know what to choose. Different skin tones look better with some and should avoid others. So if you’ve got black skin which summer makeup trends will work best for you this season? 

Bright Eyes

When it comes to making your features pop, bright rather than pastel colours are the way to go. “Colours like rich burgundy, navy blue, chocolate browns, vivid greens, bright golds or bronze are fantastic on black women because the skin tone can handle vibrant or deep tones” say Lori Taylor, who is a makeup artist for Smashbox. 

Gold and bronze hues look beautiful during summer as they encourage the light to bounce off your complexion. They will maximise your natural glow – or give you some when you feel you don’t have any!

Make sure the eyeshadow you chose is pigment rich but shy away from any with a white pigment base, like any pastel. “For darker skin black women pastel with white pigment can look chalky and ashy  – it just doesn’t sit well with the skin. So I would avoid colours like matte baby pink or blue,” explains Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams’ makeup artist, Pauline Briscoe.

If you want to go lighter then chose a shadow with shimmer and an iridescent glimmer instead.

Soft, thick brows

Your brows are your friend when it comes to transforming your face. It’s hard to believe one feature can make such a difference to your face, but a well-shaped brow will really frame your eyes and soften your look.

“Full and arched is this season’s shape. Using a good pair of quality stainless steel tweezers pluck a little from both sides, always trying to keep to your natural shape,” explains eye brow guru Shavata.

If you have over-plucked in the past then just drawing on your brow can be tricky and leave you looking permanently surprised or angry. Better to build up a natural shape with brow powder rather than a pencil or try some of the new fibre building brow products.

A pared down look over contouring

After years of contouring, this summer less is more. “I think this season is about less contouring and showing off more skin in its natural glow,” says Pauline Briscoe.

“It is all about back to basics and carrying a more natural look.”

So ditch the several shades of powder and choose a great blush, applied high on the cheek, to give you a youthful look.

“Don’t opt for anything too ashy or pale,” warns celeb makeup artist Ruby Hammer. “Look for a rich, intense shade to lift  the skin. Pink, burgundy and copper tones work well.”

As it’s summer a dusting of bronzer can also help you look vibrant and less tired. Look for a product that will highlight and enhance your skin tone and apply it to your forehead, temples and upper cheekbones for an instantly warmer complexion.  

Sheer lips

Some women with fuller lips feel self-conscious with a bold, high shine, lip so the new breed of sheer lipsticks with a more subtle gloss are perfect. “You need something with richness in tone, but that doesn’t mean  it needs to be too intense – it can be  a sheer texture,” says Ruby Hammer. “Reds and pinks are good.”

If you are proud of your pout then the best thing about black skin is you can rock a seriously bold lip. “Black women shouldn’t be afraid of wearing bold colours,” says Pauline. “Use Nicki Minaj as inspiration for a pop of colour.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, try a shimmering light gold eyeshadow pared with a red lip or a sparkling aqua blue shadow that fades into ta perfect cat eye with nude lipstick. 

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