Blue matcha versus green matcha: Which is healthier?

-Apr 16, Hannah Hargrave, Nutrition -

Just as we’re getting to grips with green matcha along comes it’s blue-coloured cousin. We've got the lowdown on exactly what blue matcha is.
Just as we’re getting to grips with green matcha along comes it’s blue-coloured cousin. We’ve got the lowdown on exactly what blue matcha is… 


Despite the fact blue foods aren’t considered too appealing a new sky-coloured ingredient is taking the social media world by storm, but is it as healthy as it is pretty?

Blue matcha is an indigo powder that Instagrammers are going wild for; sprinkling into their breakfast smoothies, baking up into blue goodies and layering into their lattes.

There’s no denying it gives a bright and beautiful twist to the food photos, but can it possibly live up to the incredible health benefits of green matcha?

Let’s find out!


What is blue matcha?


It might share a name with green matcha but it doesn’t even come from the same plant. The blue variety is made from the vibrant coloured butterfly pea powder while green is made from the leaves of green tea.


What does blue matcha taste like?


Blue matcha is fairly tasteless, where as green matcha has an earthy tinge to the taste buds.


What are blue matcha’s health benefits?


Lets start with the good news. We do know that blue matcha has a host of antioxidants called anthocyanins and proanthocyanins. Research has shown that these play a role in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, help collagen production and assist in supporting healthy vision.

On the plus blue matcha doesn’t have the caffeine content green matcha does!


How does blue matcha compare to the health benefits of green matcha?


There really is no comparison. Green matcha tea has about ten times the antioxidant value of basic green tea, so it’s pretty special.

Heath and nutrition expert Karen Cumming-Palmer explained to Lumity what else this ancient Japanese brew offers too.

“It’s rich in amino-acids, antioxidants and minerals,” she told us. “Matcha gives a slow release boost to energy and metabolism whilst supporting the bodies immunity and because it is so rich in chlorophyll is helps the bodies natural detoxification process.

“It manages to both lift and calm at the same time so it’s the perfect work day drink.”

Is blue matcha just a passing fad?


There’s no evidence that suggests blue matcha can harm you, it’s just that it currently doesn’t seem to be about much more than it’s good looks.


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