Blythe Danner on loving life at 76 despite insomnia

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Blythe Danner is 76-years-old and looking and feeling fabulous. The celebrated actress is thriving in her 70s and is only too

Blythe Danner has an award-winning Hollywood career spanning more than 50-years and yet now at the age of 76 she’s proud to reveal she’s never been busier.

The glamorous award-winning actress – who so just so happens to also be the mother of A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow – is more than just embracing her seventies, she’s thriving in them and she’s only too happy to share the honest secrets to ageing in the best possible way. 

‘There’s still time to do things’

“I think it’s terrible when people think that when they retire they are entitled to just sit there and do nothing,” says Blythe who’s long-lived career as been both on the stage and in movies. “There’s still time to do things, and to learn and to challenge yourself.”

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In fact Blythe insists; “You’re never too old to keep learning.”

Despite her insistence that getting older is no excuse to stop exercising your brain Blythe doesn’t sugar coat the fact there are some things you can’t do much about as you age. For her it’s trouble sleeping.

‘I lie there and meditate’

“I don’t sleep,” Blythe says matter of factly. “I’m an old lady that wakes up after four hours, kicking herself. I get so angry with myself.”

As for how she deals with the irritating wake up calls?

“I barely open my eyes, and pray that there’s light. And if there’s light, I feel a little heartened. And then I look at the clock. If it’s dark, I don’t look at the clock, I just lie there and meditate. I don’t even get up to read, I just say, you are not getting up yet. Breathe. Breathe again.”

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Although she’s in good health, in 2011 Blythe opened up about a diagnosis which made her completely rethink her wellbeing.

‘I want to be an active grandmother’

The star discovered she was suffering from post menopausal osteoporosis and made diet, fitness and her overall health her top priority.

“I am so grateful for it, actually,” she says surprisingly. “Because it has made me do something consistently, to do everything I can to make my bones stronger.”

She continues: “I don’t want to be one of those sad ladies who have to use a walker or cane too early. It’s really mandatory that I do this because I want to be an active grandmother.”

Blythe – who has four grandkids from her two children –  credits her work, her family and “a little help from somebody here and there” for keeping her youthful and happy. 

‘I’d like to drop dead on stage’

She’s over the moon that in her 70’s the roles she’s being offered are more varied and interesting than ever. But if you think there’s a chance she’ll slow down on her own accord you’d be wrong.

“I want to keep acting. So much so that I’d like to drop dead on stage,” she jokes. “That would be my dream.”

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