Boost your energy with this essential oil beauty hack

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boost your energy with essential oil
Essential oils aren’t just about gearing you up for a better night’s sleep, they can give you an energy boost too. Follow this recipe for an all natural pick-me-up that’ll have you raring to go in seconds.


Put down the coffee and pick up the essential oils instead. While many people instinctively reach for their morning grind to kick start their day, the right combination of essential oils could give you the same boost – and leave you smelling good too.

The benefits of essential oils have been well documented. They can help calm you, boost your immune system and promote sleep. They also work wonders as part of your beauty regime and have been shown to heal, soothe and regenerate skin – there’s a reason Lumity Facial Oil itself is packed with an amazing anti-ageing combo of them.

So the fact a simple mixture of three oils can give you energy too, perhaps isn’t so surprising. Here’s how to make a DIY serum and the best way to apply it to maximise it’s benefits.



1/2 teaspoon of lavender oil

1/4 teaspoon of palmarosa oil

1/8 tsp of peppermint oil


Mix all three together in a dropper bottle.


Hope Gillerman, author of ‘Essential Oils Every Day’ suggests applying one or two drops to the most prominent be at the base of the nape of your neck, because this is the hub of the body’s tension patterns. Just smelling peppermint has been shown to make you more alert and improve mood and the combination of the three oils will cool you off, make you feel refreshed and wake you up.


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