Burn 1500 calories more on your daily commute

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Make your daily commute pack a calorie crunching punch by wising up to some simple moves which will burn extra kcals while you go about your daily grind. 

Whether you walk, ride or drive to work you can make your commute matter more than just getting you from A to B. In fact, do it right, and you can burn more calories in a week than three hardcore gym sessions.  

Stand up

No need to make a mad dash for your bus or train seat, because standing vertical will get the calorie counting clock started. 

It’s been shown that standing up for 30 minutes can burn an extra 50 calories. So give up your seat, even just one way or for half of your journey,  and you’ll not only do your good deed you’ll burn some energy too. 

Weekly calorie count: 250 calories

Take the stairs

Taking the stairs is a great way to tone up your leg muscles and get the heart pumping. You can kickstart it before you even leave the house too. Be mindful of just how often you could opt to climb rather than take the lift and you’d be surprised how quickly it adds up, especially if you aim for five additional, speedy stair climbs a day, at 20 calories a time. 

Weekly calorie count: 500 calories 

Get off one stop early

Try to make time to get off one stop earlier from your final destination if you’re catching a bus or train, or park further away if you’re taking the car. 

You can get some much needed fresh air and vitamin D and get a mini workout as well. A 10-minute walk can burn approximately 50 calories.

Weekly calorie count: 250-500 calories a week

Use your core

Even if you’re sitting down you can give your stomach muscles a good workout. Sit up straight and hold your core tight and then drawn your stomach in towards your spine. Release slowly and repeat. You can do this sat on the train or waiting at the traffic lights. It won’t burn a ton of calories but it’ll put you on the right track to a tighter mid section.

Weekly calorie count: 150 calories a week 

Do calf raises 

Instead of just standing there waiting for your transport, use the time to tone up your legs by doing calf raises. It’s far less conspicuous than doing full squats, which may look a little odd. Gently lifting yourself up onto your toes and lowering yourself back down again will give you dreamy calves. Just five minutes a day an burn around 20 calories too. 

Weekly calorie count: 100 calories a week

Get out of the saddle

If a bike ride is your preferred way to get to work then you’re already getting a good workout. But you can still up your game by getting out of the saddle. Add a little interval training to your daily commute and take your bottom off the seat for three, one-minute intervals. You’ll add an extra 30 calories to your ride. 

Weekly calorie count: 300 calories a week

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