Can a supplement REALLY help you sleep?

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If you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re not alone, an estimated 30% of the UK population are sleep deprived, and a third have sleep issues that directly affect their health. Put simply, not being able to get a decent night’s rest is miserable and ruins your quality of life in all areas. If this is something that troubles you, you may be wondering if there’s any supplements or herbal remedies that might help you get that all important shut eye. 

There are certain nutrients that have been shown in studies to help with sleep. Let’s take a closer look.

Can magnesium help you sleep?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is important for heart health and brain function as well as helping multiple processes within the body. It’s worth supplementing with magnesium because stress, alcohol and caffeine all burn up your body’s stores, and if you’re having trouble sleeping the chances are you’re stressed, drinking alcohol at night in a bid to relax, and having coffee in the mornings to give yourself a boost. 

Studies have found that low levels of magnesium in your body could be linked to problems with sleep.

The good news is that studies report that magnesium could help with sleep because it helps to quiet your mind and body.

Magnesium is available from foods including leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, plus nuts, seeds and salmon. Supplements containing magnesium may help you sleep: A study with 46 participants who were given a placebo or 500mg of magnesium daily found that the people in the group who took magnesium noticed improved sleep quality. 

Other nutrients that are helpful for sleep

There are several nutrients that are available in supplement form that can also help you sleep. Look out for a couple of the on the ingredients label for best results.


Available from: Sardines, trout, eggs, salmon, flaxseed and yoghurt.


Available from: Avocados, salmon, bananas and sweet potato.


Available fromCheese, eggs, spinach and turkey.

Vitamin B6

Available from: Avocados, bananas, pistachios, salmon, rice and sesame seeds.

Vitamin D

Available from: Eggs, mushrooms, salmon, sardines, milk, turkey and yogurt.

Lumity Morning and Night supplements

Lumity was developed as a daily supplement that mitigates the signs of ageing which include fatigue as well as issues with skin, hair, nails, energy and more.

After a 12-week, independent study, 92% of participants noticed a significant shift in the condition of skin, hair and nails. 84% reported that they had more energy and woke up less throughout the night, there was: “Statistically significant preference for the supplement over the placebo in terms of waking up less, fewer colds, increased mental alertness, increased emotional balance, enhanced endurance, improved hair quality, stronger and healthier nails, better skin and increased skin hydration,” said Zoe Diana Draelose, MD of Dermatology Consulting Services, PLLC in High Point, North Carolina. “These results continued to increase throughout the study.”

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