Can you become immune to your skincare regime?

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You finally discover the perfect skincare routine which leaves you positively glowing. But then a few months down the line you’re convinced it’s no longer giving you awe inspiring skin leaving you wonder ‘can my skin become immune to my beauty products?’ Lumity has the answer.

We’re constantly reminded to change up our exercise regime because our body gets used to the same old workouts, but is this the case with your skincare regime too?
The good and simple news is no – unless you’re using a topical prescription – your skin does not build up an immunity to your favourite products over time.

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So then, you may ask, ‘why am I not seeing changes with my skincare product anymore?’ Believe it or not this is good news. If you’re thinking it’s not working because you’re no longer seeing change, that can actually mean it’s doing what it says it can on the bottle.
Your product is still working it’s just having to maintain rather than change your skin.
It’s likely if you decided to stop using the product and then started again you’d see it make a difference once more.
Remember consistency is key when it comes to a skincare regime.

Reasons to change your skincare ritual

Just because your skin doesn’t become immune to the products you use, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need extra TLC from time to time. You should definitely pay attention to how your skin changes and what you can do about it to keep a cool complexion.

There are several things which can alter the way your skin looks and feels, causing you to navigate some additional products to keep it at it’s best.
Firstly with age, comes changing skin. As you get older your skin becomes drier and of course you have a few extra lines and wrinkles to contend with too. Collagen production decreases and you can look to add Lumity Day and Night Supplements to your daily routine too, to help boost this, along with all the other amazing things they do for your body.

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Seasons can deliver a few extra challenges too. Cold weather can dry out your skin and so after using the Lumity 4-in-1 cleanser to exfoliate away the dead skin cells, you can apply a little extra hydrating Lumity Facial Oil and even top if off with a thicker moisturiser too.
Also, although it’s recommended you use sunscreen all year round, rain or shine, during the hotter summer months of the year you may opt for a higher SPF and apply more regularly.

Hormone changes can cause breakouts which might need additional attention and skin issues can crop up for what feels like no reason at all.

How to keep my products working well for longer

There are factors which can stop your products working as well as they should be, but many of these are down to your actions.

If a products has gone past it’s best by date some of the ingredients can start to lose their potency, so keep an eye on how long you have your creams hanging around.

Also where you store them plays a big part in how well they perform. Keeping your oils, cleansers and other beauty products in a hot and humid bathroom isn’t ideal for them and nor is storing them in direct sunlight.
Their lifespan can be seriously depleted, so put them in a dark, cool, cupboard instead.

If you’re not cleansing your face, you’re not giving your products their best chance at showing you what they’ve got either.
Lumity’s 4-in-1 cleanser is the perfect way to ensure you’re starting your skincare regime with a clean slate. It not only works as a cleanser – to remove the dirt and grime that’s built up in the day and ensure it’s fresh in the morning too – but it’s a makeup remover, exfoliator and acts as a facial mask too.

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Consistently use your products the right way and they’ll keep working for your skin.Just remember to listen to your complexion and work with it to tackle any issues that may arise.

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