Caroline Barnes And Lisa Snowdon’s bedtime beauty routine

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Caroline Barnes sat down Lisa Snowdon to take a look in her make-up bag and it turns out that they both keep Lumity's supplements by their bedside. 

Caroline Barnes sat down with British TV star Lisa Snowdon to take a look in her make-up bag, we were delighted to hear that they both keep Lumity’s supplements by their bedside. 

If you haven’t discovered the brilliant Speed Beauty by Caroline Barnes YouTube channel, it really is a gem for all things beauty and wellness. As well as fantastic tutorials, the professional make-up artist tries out products and gives her honest opinion. She has built up a really great community, which is welcoming and supportive if you’re suffering from a certain beauty problem or want to ask about a brand before going ahead and buying. 

Lisa Snowden is a British TV star has been a favourite of ours for years, not only does she grace our screens on a regular basis, she also has a fantastic website which is packed with beauty and lifestyle tips – linked below. 

The dream team recently got together to film a video about what Lisa keeps in her make-up bag. When it came to talking about Lumity’s day and night supplements, Caroline laughed and said that her bedside table has become like a second beauty cabinet. As well as hand creams, sleep sprays and eyelash serums, she and Lisa both keep their Lumity bedtime capsules by their beds. 

Caroline said: “Oh do you take Lumity as well?” Lisa replied, “Yeah, religiously, it’s a game-changer! Hair and skin, it’s fantastic! And energy-wise as well. And, touch wood, I haven’t had a cold for a while!”

Caroline added: “It’s funny you say that because I don’t get that four ‘o’clock, urgh, where I’d always be like grab for the chocolate, is that to do with those pills?”

Lisa nodded; “Yeah! Sustained energy! I think they’re brilliant, absolutely.”

We were all delighted to hear these two industry experts discussing the pros of taking our supplements. The video is below if you’d like to see it. Thank you, Lisa and Caroline! 



If you’d like to watch the full video and find out which other beauty gems Lisa keeps in her make-up bag, you can see it on Lisa’s website, which is packed with helpful tips and info or on Caroline’s YouTube channel. 

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