Carolyn Hartz on looking and feeling your absolute best in your 70s

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Carolyn Hartz shares her top tips for being happy, healthy and looking fabulous in her 70s.

Carolyn Hartz has never looked or felt better – she’s also 72-years-old! The Australian grandmother is living her best life NOW and was only too pleased to tell Lumity her secrets to being a sensational septuagenarian.

Have a good attitude

“I’m an optimist,” says Carolyn, the founding director of Sweetlife Australia. “I’m not positive all the time and I do have set backs. But you must remember that if you fall down you have to get back up again. For me the glass if half full not half empty.”

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Eat well

“It’s very important to watch what you eat. I always say that there is no use having a car whose engine doesn’t run and we, as humans, are the same. You have to be healthy from the inside.

“People will often say ’it’s ok for you’. But I could eat a packet of biscuits today, now, in one sitting. I know what it’s like to be a sugar addict and I sympathize. I give people advice but only if they ask me. I’m certainly not here to judge.”

Don’t deprive yourself

“When it comes to weight loss and getting in shape, cut back gradually and eventually you’ll start losing weight,” Carolyn explains. “Once you see the results and you feel the benefits, it actually gets easier. But if you start out saying I’m not going to have any alcohol all week, then that will be all you can think of. It’s definitely hard in the beginning but don’t beat yourself up. You’ll get there.” 

Sleep enough

“I’m a firm believer in getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night,” insists Carolyn.  “I’ve done that all my life and I think learning to sleep well is imperative to your health.”

Learn to meditate

“Back in the day I didn’t believe that yoga and meditation were for me. But now we know you don’t have to clear your head, or sit for an hour to benefit from it. Even just a few minutes of peacefulness works. I meditate every day in the morning and it sets me up for the day.”

Be grateful

“Before I meditate, I do five minutes at the window and look out at the beautiful trees. I look at them and thank the universe. I’m thankful I can get up in the morning. I don’t care how old I am as long as I can get up.”


“You don’t have to go to the gym everyday to be active,” says Carolyn who plays tennis and practices pilates too. “I walk my dog every day. If you don’t have time for anything else, just get out and walk.”

Don’t compare

“Never compare yourself to other people,” she tells Lumity. “Social media means you compare yourself so much more than you used to. But remember these people you are comparing yourself to, they never post the negative stuff. It’s ok to aspire to be as successful as someone else, but mostly be happy for everyone.”

Give back

“Give what you can to others, even if it’s just time you can offer.  But don’t give because you expect payment. The payment is the way you will feel about yourself after you have done it.”

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Continue learning

“Never, ever stop learning,” says Carolyn who launched her own company in her 50s when she was completely computer illiterate. “We can learn so much from everyone around us including young people. Look for and take up challenges as if you’re 20, you’ll be surprised at what you can do.”

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Don’t worry about your age

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything anyway. Don’t be put off when people as you your age either. It’s just curiosity and they’re likely only asking you because you look younger than you are!”

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