Is Sitting All Day Long The New Smoking?

Sitting is apparently the new smoking with studies linking a sedentary lifestyle to everything from cancer and diabetes to heart disease. That’s right, your sofa…

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How To Fall In Love With Exercise Again

It’s more important than ever to get your body moving; new research by scientists in Belgium has found that just 45 minutes of cardio exercise…

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How To Avoid Jet Lag And Arrive Full of Energy

There’s nothing worse than heading off for a lovely holiday somewhere far-flung and fantastic and then being wiped out for the first few days (or…

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Erika Bloom: A Pilates Guru’s Top Wellness Tips

Erika Bloom certainly knows her craft: The former professional dancer – who performed with many acclaimed ballet and modern dance companies for almost a decade…

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A Yogi’s Guide To Being Fabulous Over Fifty

Lucy Blenkinsopp (pictured below) is certainly all that embodies being fabulous over fifty. She’s full of energy and positivity, with a lust for life that’s…

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Improve Your Fitness Without That Expensive Gym Membership

Are you ready to spring clean your fitness routine? Gunnar Peterson is the Los Angeles-based trainer that was responsible for Jennifer Lopez’s 50lb weight loss…

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The Ultimate Age Defying Workout

The wonderful thing about it being spring here in the northern hemisphere is that it’s far easier to get outside and do some exercise every…

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The Exercise Trend That Will Fill You With Joy

Remember when you were a kid and you longed to be an adult? But once we are officially grown up, life becomes complicated, stressful and…

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