‘How I Kicked My Sugar Habit For Good’

One of the fantastic things about Lumity is that once people make one healthy lifestyle choice, others tend to follow. Those of us who have…

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Melanoma: Read This Before You Go Out In The Sun

Whilst it’s lovely that summer is finally here in the northern hemisphere, it’s often easy to forget that our love affair with beach holidays is…

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Are You Ready To Sail Through Menopause?

Menopause is something that all women will go through in their lives and yet the advice out there is conflicting and often confusing. We regularly…

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A Top Nutritionist’s Prescription To Stay Happy And Healthy

Top nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik is known for her no nonsense approach to food, telling her clients in London not to avoid certain food groups…

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How To Cure A Cinco De Mayo Hangover

It’s all very well living a healthy lifestyle but once in a while our good intentions often go out of the window – no matter…

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Fight Inflammation, Stay Younger For Longer

Inflammation is one of the nine causes of ageing and scientists believe that it’s the culprit behind a number of serious diseases, as well as…

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The New Middle Age: Over 70’s Are More Active Than Ever

Watching the actress Helen Mirren walk down a red carpet is a delight – self-confident, generous with her time and oozing charisma, she’s every inch…

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Natural Ways To Fight Spring Allergies

Spring allergies often flare up at this time of year and can go on being an irritation until summer is over: Whilst it’s lovely that…

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