Is Inflammation Behind Your Insomnia?

Insomnia is one of the most frustrating things to deal with: There’s nothing worse than crawling into bed feeling exhausted and then lying there for…

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Fear Of Flying: How To Transform Your Phobias And Be Happier

Fear, anxiety and phobias all cause stress, which is one of the major culprits lurking behind premature ageing, as well as a number of serious…

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How To Banish Sadness And Feel Instantly Happy

Almost all of us have suffered with anxiety, depression, insecurity and lack of confidence at some point or other in our lives, and it’s almost…

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Are You Getting Your Five Portions Of Joy A Day?

We all know that eating five portions of fruit and veg a day is great for your body’s health, but how about adding five helpings…

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Have You Tried Victoria Beckham’s Instant Happiness Secret?

We’ve looked at serotonin-bosting food, and happiness workouts, but did you know that the so-called dopamine dressing trend, which is all about fashion choices that…

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The Steps To Instant Inner Happiness Explained

Stressed, depressed and feeling as though life is getting on top of you? If so, you’re not alone, a whopping 77% of those polled in…

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The Secret To Instant Inner Calm And Happiness

More often that not it’s the most busy and stressed out people who could benefit from meditating but have never tried it out because they…

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How To Make Happiness A Habit

The chances are that you’re not feeling the happiest that you’ve ever been in your life at the moment: January is notoriously a miserable month,…

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