Cher, 72, reveals the ‘old-fashioned’ secrets behind her fitness regime

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Cher could not look much better than she does at 72. So, what are the secrets behind her awe-inspiring body? You might just be surprised by some of them.
Even if she could turn back time, we’re not sure Cher could look much better than she does now at 72. So, what are the secrets behind her awe-inspiring body? You might just be surprised by some of them.


When Cher was asked if she has to work out a lot to stay in shape her answer was a simple: “Yep”.

Her response is perhaps not surprising since the actress and singer is still wowing her fans on the big screen and even on tour at the grand age of 72.

But it’s refreshing to learn that many of the key moves she credits for her toned physique can actually be done from home!


The ultimate exercises to lift your bottom


Cher swears she keeps her backside perky with these three moves.

“You get down on all fours and you put your leg up and you make an L with your leg and you lift it up like that,” Cher says describing the exercise also known as ‘All Fours’.

She does three sets of 25 on each leg and follows it up with a few rounds of the ‘Fire Hydrant’. Staying on all fours you keep your leg bent and lift it out and up to the side. Lower it back down to starting position and repeat 25 times on each leg.

To top it off she goes “old school” with squats.


How to get a good workout with Zumba


Walking into a Zumba class to see Cher standing there might be a bit intimidating so it’s lucky she does it from home!

“I have to confess I love Zumba,” she says.

Cher loves getting her hips moving and her heart beating with the Latino dance workout. But there’s no fancy instructor or expensive one-on-one class for Cher.

“I have a tape,” she admits.

Planking for a strong core


When she was 71 Cher revealed at the Billboard Music Awards that she’s a planking machine admitting she’d once held the core strengthening pose for an impressive five minutes. 

Not that even she can keep that up nowadays.

“I once did it for 5 but I could never do that again. I can still do it for two minutes without a sweat though.”


You don’t have to work out every day to keep in shape


Although she admits she has to “work out twice as hard” to stay fit now that she’s older Cher doesn’t feel the need to hit the gym – or press play on her Zumba tape – every single day.

“I don’t work out every day but I work out a lot of times.”


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