Claudia Winkleman: ‘I feel more fantastic as I get older’

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Claudia Winkleman reveals why she's feeling better with every passing year and why she jokes that she was born about 86 years old.
It’s not just Claudia Winkleman’s fringe that’s blunt, her attitude to ageing is too! The much-loved ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ presenter is turning 47 and she’s opened up about Botox, beauty and her excitement at edging towards 50.


Behind Claudia Winkleman’s thick black eyeliner and signature haircut is a refreshingly honest woman with a love for life and a passion for getting older. But don’t expect her to ring in her 47th birthday with a star-studded, all-night party because you’re more likely to find her curled up on the sofa with her family.

“I think I was born aged about 86,” jokes Claudia. “All I’ve ever wanted to do is stay at home under a duvet and now I’m old I can do that. My twenties were painful. You had to go out to nightclubs. I love not having to pretend to enjoy those things anymore.”


I sleep most of the time’


Despite juggling motherhood, marriage and a career she still manages to find more than enough time for her beauty sleep – and it’s not just at bedtime.

“I nap a lot, I sleep most of the time,” she reveals. “If I can get two in [naps] then it’s a magical day.”


‘I had a go with Botox’


The mum-of-three – who has been happily married to her husband Kris Thykier since 2000 – also admits that in the past she’s turned to cosmetic procedures in an attempt to turn back the hands of time. But she soon realised there was an easier and cheaper alternative at her fingertips.

“I had a go with Botox but looked both scared and surprised at the same time. I don’t like to be either,” says Claudia who has mocked that as she’s aged she’s felt her face is falling off. 

“After a little chat with myself, I simply decided I would grow my fringe longer.”

‘I try and give up sugar’


When it comes to her body Claudia loves spinning, but admits she’s not so great at dieting.

“I don’t feel very much in shape. I try and give up sugar but it doesn’t normally last – at 5pm I go, ‘Right, that’s it. I’m having a biscuit.'”

Claudia also laughs at her own sense of style branding it “old-lady goth” but insists that with age has come the confidence that it’s ok to sometimes get it wrong too.


‘I feel more fantastic as I get older’


“I suppose my biggest tip would be not to worry about it,” she adds . “Sometimes you’ll wear too much bronzer and sometimes your eyeliner will be halfway down your face. No panic, just focus a bit next time.”

And as for the plethora of beauty tips from makeup artists we assume she’s picked up during her lengthy showbiz career, Claudia says it’s very simple.

“All I have learned is that they are brilliant and I am rubbish.”


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