Clean your way to a better night’s sleep

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How you prepare your bedroom can have a big impact on how well you sleep. It's not just clean sheets which make a difference

It’s time to spring clean your bedroom! Not only to get on top of your dust busting but to get a better night’s sleep. 

There’s no denying that crawling under the crisps covers of a freshly washed bed makes us instantly feel ready for a cozy, calm night’s sleep. But it’s not just clean bed clothes which can better our slumber because the entire environment we catch our zzzz’s in can impact how soundly we sleep and how quickly we nod off.

Grab your polish and your marigolds because what better excuse do you need to declutter and clean your bedroom than it can help you sleep more soundly. 

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Declutter the bedside table

Waking up in the middle of the night to a bedside table stacked with beauty products, books and whatever other junk that might have accumulated isn’t a pretty sight and it can instantly make you anxious. Keep your bedroom surfaces as clutter free as possible and try to only have what you really need in your bedroom to reduce stress and anxiety

Put the washing away

We know time is precious and sometimes chores aren’t completed. But don’t leave the evidence in plain site to torment you when you’re trying to sleep. If you haven’t got round to putting away the piles of clean washing before hitting the hay, put it in another room so you haven’t got a reminder of all the work you haven’t got done yet.

Clean your sheets

Clean sheets don’t just feel and smell nice they can help you sleep by limiting irritating allergens which can cause you to become congested. If you don’t wash your sheets often enough – at least once every couple of weeks –  the likes of dust mites, pollen and animal hair settle on your bedding. If you’re coughing and wheezing you’re not likely to sleep very soundly. 

Wash your mattress, duvet and pillows

In addition to cleaning your sheets you should also wash your mattress and pillows. This doesn’t have to be done as regularly as your sheets but remember dust mites settle in this bedding too. You could even invest in protective covers to keep household allergens at bay. 

Put away electric devices

There’s no place for screens in the bedroom! Not only does the blue light smart phones and tablets emit make it difficult for you to fall asleep you also run the risk of a text message, email or phone call waking you in the night. 

Even if they are on silent reduce the urge you have to check your phone in the middle of the night by placing it in another room. You’re unlikely to get up and out of bed for it but if it’s within reach it’s a huge temptation.

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Make your bed

Headed to bed should be something you’re looking forward to and clambering into a messy, pile of crumpled sheets isn’t that appealing. As tempting as it can sometimes be to leave your bed unmade, especially if nobody but you is going to see it, try to make making your bed part of your morning routine. It’ll make for a more enticing bedtime. 

Get fresh air

A stuffy, hot bedroom won’t help you sleep and neither will trying to drift off with over powering scents such as scented candles or harsh chemical cleaners hitting your nasal passages. If possible open a window and let some fresh, clean and cool air into the bedroom to encourage better sleep.

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