The ultimate guide to cleaning up your makeup shelves

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how to clean up your makeup shelves
Hands up if you haven’t overhauled your beauty routine in quite some time? If so, you’re not alone, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of applying the same old tried and tested moisturisers and makeup without stopping to think whether it still suits you, or whether your routine could do with a few changes.


Conscious beauty is everywhere this year, and with good reason. Putting high quality, all natural, non toxic products on your skin makes sense because what goes on your body ends up in your body.

There’s no better time to clean out your beauty cupboards or shelves. Shelfie photos are all over Instagram and provide some fabulous inspiration for a pared down collection of makeup and beauty products. 

The goal here is to end up with a few carefully chosen, all natural products which you know work will work wonders for your skin. Makeup that enhances your gorgeous face rather than hiding it. 

The key is accentuating gorgeous skin with just a bit of makeup rather than disguising tired skin that’s crying out for you to give your body some TLC with lovely skin enhancing nutrients. 

Marjorie Biagiani, who is a French makeup artist that works on glossy Parisian magazine shoots, says that a beauty spring clean every year is essential:

“A great place to start is one rainy Sunday when you have an hour or so to spare,” she tells Lumity Life magazine. “Open up your bathroom cabinet(s) and take every single item out and have a good look at them all.”


How to clean out your makeup cupboards and shelves


Be quite ruthless. You probably own quite a few makeup items that you picked up in duty free years ago on a whim but have never really used. Or you might have an expensive lipstick that has pretty packaging, but you don’t really like the colour.

“Throw all of these types of things away if you know in your heart that you’re never going to use them,” Marjorie says. “The same goes for old nail varnishes. If they’re clogging up then throw them away, especially as a lot of nail varnishes have toxins in them.”

Don’t be sentimental, bin anything that you no longer use, as those items are cluttering up your space. Whittle what you keep down to what you actually use.


Throw away anything you no longer use


Then, go through each item and decide whether it still looks fabulous when you wear it: “Do you really want to wear layers of thick, punky black eyeliner because you like it on a certain celebrity, or would a navy or dark grey suit you better?” says Marjorie. 

Is sky blue mascara something you love, or did you buy it on a whim because you fell for a brilliant glossy magazine ad campaign this time last year? Is that pillar box red lipstick as vampish as you imagine or would a clear gloss be more flattering?

She adds: “A rule of thumb is that makeup is better when it accentuates what you already have, rather than follows a trend. Big dark brows are a great example of this, they suit some women, but not others.”


Celebrate yourself and your own wonderfully unique features


The makeup artist says that the best beauty advice she ever received is nothing to do with plucking brows, or highlighting cheekbones: “The best beauty tip I ever had was that having gorgeous skin from the inside out and wanting to show that off with minimal makeup is always better than having to use heavy makeup to camouflage nutritional deficiencies and a sleep deficit,” she says.

“Take a quality supplement, stay hydrated and do whatever you can to stay happy and carefree.

“Stress wrecks havoc with your skin and so does smoking, eating junk food and alcohol.

“Inner happiness and glowing health is one of the most beautiful things to see as it radiates from the inside out.

“Embracing clean beauty makes me feel happy when I use products. I feel extra good knowing that they aren’t bad for me or the environment.”


Look carefully at the labels for hidden toxins


With space in your beauty cabinets cleared, it’s time to look at the labels says our expert: “We’re all much more informed about things like parabens and how horrible animal testing is now. My advice is to throw away anything that has toxic ingredients on the label, or anything that is bad for the environment.

“Natural, plant-based products, made with ingredients found in nature are the way forward.”

A lot of people have skin flare ups and spots or dry skin because the ingredients in their skincare products are causing mini patches of inflammation.


Get back to nature and embrace all the new beauty companies out there


“There are a lot of fabulous new brands now with products that are miraculous which have been started by passionate women, who know their stuff. They make and package their products in studios which are based at their own homes,” Majorie underlines.

“Jane Scrivener does a sample pack of her skincare range for just £20. Clarity Cleanse and Romilly Wilde are two other organic brands worth taking a look at that get brilliant results and have garnered a cult-like following.”

Beauty can be one of those things that we all tend to get complacent about, but a few simple changes can work wonders to how you look and feel.

Now you’ve cleaned out your beauty cupboards, how about spring cleaning your entire life? You can do it in just one weekend we promise. And, if you have done that, don’t forget to do a nutrient spring clean too. Plus, these simple tweaks will help you feel fantastic by Easter. 

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