Clever ways to stay hydrated – It’s not just about drinking water

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Water is imperative for good health, hair, skin and your overall wellbeing but glugging down eight glasses a day can be a chore for some – even for some wellness professionals too! Fit4mum founder Melissa Lorch shares her tips with Lumity to staying hydrated in more ways than just drinking plain water from a glass.

Although the amount of water you need varies from person to person dependent on their size, how much they exercise and their age too the general rule of thumb is that as an adult you should be aiming for between eight and ten glasses per day.

So here’s to filling up your day with a little more water and staying on top of your hydration like a pro.

How to eat your water

There’s a plethora of produce packed with water and this counts towards your daily intake too. 

“Fruit is fabulous for fueling your body and giving it a quick water fix,” says Melissa. “Fruit like watermelon is loaded with water and by eating fruit you’re also getting a dose of fibre too.”

One apple for example can offer you 1/2 a cup of water and peaches, strawberries, melon and oranges are all made up of about 90% water so they’re great go-to fruits for hydrating.

If you want to drink your fruit in a smoothie instead Melissa reminds us that you can add veggies to that too.

“Spinach, cucumbers and even kale can be quickly blitzed up and added to a smoothie and you probably wouldn’t even know it’s there.”

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Wake up and hydrate

Start as you mean to go on. Melissa suggests making it a habit that the very first thing you drink in the morning is a cup of water. In fact you could wash your Lumity Supplements down with a glass and kill two birds with one stone. 

“I personally start my day with a mug of hot water rather than a chilled glass,” Melissa says. “It aids digestion and helps relax me too. I’m way more inclined to drink several mugs of hot water a day than I am to drink cold cups. ”

Drink soup and tea

Soup isn’t just delicious and healthy it’s often made with a lot of water. A vegetable based soup can quite literally be water, vegetables and herbs. Healthy and hydrating.

“Soup is warming and a nice bowl or even mug of it goes towards your fluid intake,” Melissa says. “You could even have chilled gazpacho if the weather’s a bit warm for hot soup.”

Bring a bottle

It’s much easier to remember to drink up when you’ve always got a bottle of water by your side and you don’t have to seek out taps all day.

“I carry one all the time and take small sips rather than great big gulps,” says Melissa. “This way I’m not dashing to the toilet every two seconds and I can see how much or how little I’m consuming.”

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Flavour your water

If you find water a little bit boring you can jazz it up and still reap the hydrating rewards.

“Flavouring your water can make it much more appealing but if you do decide to do so it’s important to flavour it with natural fruits, like lemon or strawberries or by adding mint, rather than any artificial sweeteners of squash. 

“Not only that but tea and coffee count too. Just make sure you stick to only 350 – 400mg of caffeine a day.”

Reduce your alcohol

It sounds obvious but to stay hydrated you need to limit the things that dehydrate you and that includes alcohol. 

“It dries you out and so the less of it you have the better,” Melissa admits. “But that’s not to say you have to cut it out all together. If you are going to have a drink then just be mindful that you drink a glass of water with each beverage you have. It’ll help stave off dry skin and keep a headache at bay too.”

If you are now inspired to hydrate then you might like to try these delicious infused water recipes and discover why water is also part of your beauty tool kit.

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