DASH: Is this really the best diet of all time?

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Is DASH really the best diet of all time?
DASH has all but been crowned the best diet of all time but what is it and why exactly is it getting such rave reviews? We take a look…


You’ve heard of the Atkins, South Beach, Zone and Raw, but what about the DASH diet?

This eating plan was recently ranked ‘Best Diet Overall’ for the eighth year in a row by ‘U.S News and World Report’ so why don’t we know more about it?

Initially invented 25-years-ago this heart healthy, moderation-based diet took a long time to reach the top but now it seems it’s there to stay.

With a celebrity following that includes Jessica Hudson the DASH diet is more of a healthy eating plan than a fad diet and that’s perhaps the key to it’s success.


What was the DASH diet invented for?


It’s hardly a new thing! A quarter of a decade ago the DASH diet was created to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol without weight loss even being the main goal. 


What does DASH stand for?


DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. Hypertension is more commonly referred to as high blood pressure which is a major risk factor for heart disease.


What do you eat on the DASH diet?


The diet encourages the consumption of wholegrains (brown rice, pasta and bread), low-fat or non dairy, fish, poultry, nuts and vegetables. In short it’s a low fat, balanced, healthy eating plan. 


How do I get started?


For the first two weeks of the diet you aim to reset your metabolism. This means ditching wholegrains and fruit and just concentrating on eating plenty of protein, low-fat foods and green vegetables.

After this 14-day period you reintroduced the starchy veg, wholegrains and fruit and then the idea is that you stick to the diet.

Does the DASH diet ban any food?


It doesn’t say you have to cut anything out completely, it just suggests you avoid high fat red meats, salt, sugary drinks, sweets, alcohol and caffeine as much as you can. So you should probably steer clear of fast food and processed products, which is never a bad thing. 


How much should I be eating?


After the initial two weeks, the DASH diet suggests you eat these portion sizes:

Lean meats, fish or poultry: 6 ounces per day

Wholegrains: 6-8 servings per day

Fruit: 4 to 5 servings per day

Low-fat milk or yoghurt: 2-3 servings a day

Sugar: 3-4 servings of sugary foods each WEEK


What are the health benefits?


It’s comforting to know that the DASH diet was initially designed to benefit blood pressure and lower cholesterol and not just to put you on the fast track to a smaller waistline.


How quickly you see results?


You will generally see a drop in your cholesterol levels within 3-6 months and weight loss is dependent on what exercise you do and how strictly you stick to your healthy eating plan. 


What is an example of a day on the DASH diet?



1/2 cup of aatmeal with applesauce

1/2 banana

4-6 ounces of low-sodium tomato juice

Small latte with 8 ones of skimmed milk


4-6 ounces of strawberries

10 cashews


Turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich using 2-4 ounces of turkey and a slice of reduced fat Swiss cheese. Use light wholewheat bread and add veggies.

Pepper strips of baby carrots 

Side salad



A handful of almonds


Vegetable stir fry with Quinoa

Side salad with oil and vinegar or a light vinaigrette

Fudge bar


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