Davina McCall is confident and she loves it: ‘I’ve had to fake it for years’

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Davina McCall is finally confident after faking it for years
Davina McCall is a real woman’s woman who is not scared to keep it real and be honest about her struggles. But, in this interview she reveals that she’s been faking one thing for years – her seemingly boundless self-confidence. And, she reveals how to cope if you suffer from insecurity too.


Davina McCall is fifty and confident. It’s something we admire here at Lumity and the message she’s giving fans – to embrace your flaws and love yourself anyway – is one we’re 100% behind.

It hasn’t been an easy path for the Big Brother star – she’s had times where she’s suffered with low self-esteem, but who hasn’t?

She’s also recently weathered the break-up of her 17-year marriage to Matthew Robertson. But these days there’s no doubt that this TV sensation is back on top, looking better than ever, and more importantly, feeling better on the inside too.


Why owning your weakness is a good thing 


“The key to confidence is owning your weakness,” Davina revealed recently. “Perfectionism is a terrible strife of today, and so many people are obsessed with being perfect. I spent my twenties trying to get rid of flaws and getting angry at myself for not being perfect, but now I know that is part of me.

“I am sometimes a bit insecure and so on, but these are the good bits and I can move forward. I know what my strengths are. For me confidence is been something that’s come with age – but I’ve had to fake it a lot,” she admitted.


Fake it until you feel it 


In fact, faking it until you feel it was the advice that Davina would give any younger women who don’t have the benefit of age-earned self-confidence. The TV star has teamed up with Ryvita to help inspire a new generation of 40 and 50 year olds to make the changes they need, to feel better in middle age than they ever have before.

Another way to deal with feelings of lack of confidence or anxiety is to admit them – say you feel nervous, admit to your self-doubt. Although it was never an approach Davina could embrace.

“With me, I feel like I can’t tell people I’m nervous, because people expect me to be confident. I can’t be nervous – so I just have to fake it until I feel it.”


Why being in your 50’s in 2018 feels like a new era


For Davina, other than feeling the best she’s felt in many years, the TV star is also relishing the fact that being 50 in 2018 feels like a new era. The rules are being turned on their head when it comes to what is or isn’t acceptable for 50-year-olds to do, and she’s loving being one of the trailblazers for a new generation of women, refusing to quieten down and become invisible as they age.

“In the previous generation, at the age of 50 they thought, this is the age where this happens, or that happens, and I’m not going to be able to wear a bikini after 55. Rubbish! That’s all gone out of the window. It feels quite nice. I think we’re the first generation who are doing whatever we want, whenever we want, so that’s exciting.

“And we may have a few more wrinkles now, but with that comes a sense of wellbeing and life experience.”

Well, we certainly agree with that: Watching this video of Davina taking to surfing not long after her 50th birthday is proof that she’s enjoying life now, more than ever. 


Obsessed. Going again today !!! 😂😂😂

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