Davina McCall reveals a surprising bonus of menopause

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Davina McCall celebrated her 50th birthday on Monday and has given a frank interview where she talks about her experience of menopause and reveals a surprising bonus about the change in her libido.

The British TV star says that her sex life with husband of 16 years Matthew Robertson has vastly improved now that she’s going through the menopause and has started HRT.

But she admitted that before getting medical help for her symptoms her “libido was through the floor” and the insomnia plus brain fog she was experiencing were giving her trouble while working as a prime-time television presenter.

The fitness fanatic told Stella magazine: “A producer said, ‘Are you OK?’ because I was cocking up quite a bit.

“It was effecting my ability to read the autocue,” she explained.

“My keys were in the fridge and my phone was in the bin. And I was always in a really bad bloody mood.

“I thought, ‘menopause is finishing me off'”.

Davina added that the change in her libido is also due to her choice to start taking HRT, adding: “All my symptoms stopped overnight. I’m not endorsing it. It was a personal decision.”

And, now she’s back on track physically and emotionally, the mum-of-three admits that she feels sexier because she’s more self-confident:

“I feel, in a funny way, it’s almost more attractive that I can’t have children, because now I don’t need to take contraception,” she explained.

“There’s a certain friskiness that comes about that. There is a confidence that comes with age.”

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If you’re experiencing symptoms of menopause, then there’s no need to suffer in silence and treatments have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years: “It’s not age, it’s your symptoms,” Dr Louise Newson, a British doctor who specialises in menopause, underlines.

“If you are having symptoms of menopause but still having periods, then talk to your doctor because there are things – including HRT – that we can give you to help. The sooner you start the better and even a very low dose of HRT can ease symptoms dramatically. If you are still having periods, you will be prescribed a type of HRT than still gives you a monthly period for a year or so. Do not wait until symptoms are unbearable to see what your options are.”

Louise also says that HRT can absolutely help with libido issues once you have started the right treatment course.

“Menopausal symptoms will improve within a few weeks, to a few months of being prescribed HRT,” Louise explains. “Women often notice that they feel happier, less moody, more energetic, they sleep better and their skin and hair improve. Hot flushes and night sweats often improve within a few weeks of starting treatment and things like focus and concentration improve as well as libido issues.”


Let’s break the taboo! You can learn more about Dr. Louise Newson and her work on her very informative menopause website here or you can follow her on Twitter and also on Instagram

For support from other women going through menopause, join top London-based personal trainer Jane Dowling’s private Facebook group Ageless Godesses, and Jane has a brilliant blog about her own experience of menopause here. 

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