Day and night wellness routines: What’s yours?

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We’re all about day and night 24/7 wellness here at Lumity. We’ve been interested in how other people are spending their days and nights, especially now we’ve all settled into our WFH routines.

Here, Lumity’s Chairwoman Janice Gammell shares her day and night routine, featuring some of her tried and tested favourites.

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7.30am: Rise and shine

Arise and Shine by 7.30am – I always start the day with hot water and lemon. My lovely husband often brings this to me while I am in the shower.

I have started dry brushing before showering and I am back to using a bar of soap as I like the massage effect of it on my skin. Now that my access to cold water swimming is limited, I always end my shower with up to five minutes of freezing water, it really sets me up for the day. Afterwards, I lather my wet skin in body oil and pat it dry.  I add a few drops of Skin Nutrients Facial Oil to my moisturiser and massage it in.  My skin feels really fresh afterwards.  A bit of concealer and lipstick and I am ready to go.

8am: Wellness from within

I take my Lumity morning supplements and make a fresh juice for my husband and me every day. I have been doing this for years. 

My favourite combination is ginger, beetroot, carrot, fennel and apple. By 8.30am I am outdoors, come rain, hail or shine, for a walk and time to think about the day ahead or to dream.

10am: Coffee break

Coffee time is 10ish and although I only drink decaf now, I love the ritual of making and having a coffee.

12pm: Lunch

Lunch is at noon as I am usually really hungry by then and at the moment we are lunching as a family as my boys are home-schooling. I often make soups the night before so we have that, toasted sarnies, or some sort of eggs, avocado, smoked salmon combination.

5pm: Time for a walk

5.00pm is walk time to clear my head after work or we are playing Padel Tennis as a family which is super fun and quite a workout. 

6.30pm: Supper time

I like to not eat after 8pm, so dinner is usually 6.30ish and given I am mainly vegetarian, my husband is gluten-free and one of my sons is a fussy eater, the menu is often adapted for everyone’s needs. At least two nights a week we order in.

8pm: Time for self-care

After dinner I cleanse my skin and change into even comfier clothes (not PJs honest!) and cleanse my skin with the remarkable 4-in1 Cleanse.  When it was sold out I was bereft.  I massage in a few drops of Skin Nutrients and then either make calls or watch a series on TV.  I am currently loving Mindhunter on Netflix. 

10pm: Bedtime routine

I like to be in bed by 10ish, if I haven’t showered after tennis, I often have a bath before bedtime with Epsom salts and Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Bath Oil, top up my Lumity facial oil, take my night supplements and the Restful Nights super booster which puts my body in super calm mode. After a few chapters of my book, I’m currently reading Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart, I am out like a light.

What’s your routine for day and night wellness? If you’d like to share yours, email and we’ll feature it.

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