Décolletage skincare: Secrets to a wrinkle-free chest

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How to keep your chest wrinkle free
It’s not just your face and neck which are prone to wrinkles, your chest might need some skin smoothing attention too. We take a look at ways to look after your décolletage.


Wearing a strappy summer dress or simply a scoop neck top can seem completely out of the question if you hate your wrinkly chest. But just as you can reverse the signs of ageing on your face, the same can be said for the thin and delicate skin on your décolletage.

While women go to great lengths to protect their faces from the damaging effects of the sun and the environment, the same can’t always be said for their chests.

The good news is though that by following these few simple tips you could lessen the lines on your top half and dare to bare a little bit more this summer!

Don’t forget to protect


The chest is a prime location for catching those harmful UV rays from the sun so you need to make sure you apply plenty of SPF. Too much sun and not enough protection can result in wrinkles and prematurely aged skin. Although Lumity Facial Oil can help it’s best to look out for your skin in the first place with sunscreen and coverups and by limiting the amount of time you are exposed to the sun.


Reconsider your underwear


In a bid to support and also boost your assets you might actually be negatively impacting the skin on your cleavage. Push-up and sports bras can cause your chest to get squashed and wrinkled. So although they’re great for doing the job when you need a little pick-me-up or for when you’re feeling active, it might be best to opt for a less restrictive bra for everyday use.

Invest in a quality product


An anti-ageing product like Lumity Facial Oil is great for smoothing and moisturising your face, neck and chest. The unique combination of 32 botanicals which are all 100% natural ingredients makes this lightweight oil fantastic for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Simply massage a few drops in morning and night.


Sleep on your back


We do realise it’s easier said than done but sleeping on your back as opposed to your side can make a massive difference to the appearance of your chest. Although it’s cosy, sleeping on your left or your right – especially when you have larger breasts –  it forces the top breast to bend further past the midline of the body than it should. Hours spent asleep like this can result in deep lines in the middle of your chest which can last all day.

If you simply can’t help rolling back into the fetal position in your sleep you could try Investing in a chest pillow, to keep your breasts separated in bed.

Avoid harsh soaps


Some soaps have ingredients which strip the skin of it’s natural oils and dry it out. Since your chest is a naturally drier area of your body – due to less sebaceous glands – it’s important to look after the natural oils to slow down the signs of ageing. After gently cleansing the area apply a little Lumity Facial Oil to restore balance to the skin.


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