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British TV star Denise Van Outen is planning to trek a mammoth 52 miles through the Himalayas this November to raise some much needed money for brain tumour research.

The 42-year-old mum of one is facing a ten day challenge on foot trekking for up to nine-hours-a-day in cold, rainy and windy weather, camping overnight on rough terrain and then setting off again.

Denise said last week that she feels it’s important to set herself challenges like this and, to live a healthy lifestyle, to set a good example to her daughter, Betsy, who is seven.

“I definitely take care of myself now that I’m older,” Denise revealed. “I’ve got a daughter, I’m doing school runs, I’m working, I’m training, so a typical day for me will be up at 6am, having a really healthy breakfast, and I’m a big fan of the product Lumity.”

Denise says she’s going to have Lumity’s day and night supplements in her backpack to help power her through her gruelling trek:

“I take their tablets because I’ve come to realise as I got older that it’s about taking care of yourself from the inside rather than the outside. [It’s great to have] a supplement that gives you all the nutrients you need throughout the day,” she says.

Denise said that in the past she noticed that she wasn’t sleeping as well as she would like at night and found herself snacking on sugary snacks to try to get herself through the afternoon slump.

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“I realise I don’t really need to do that so long as I’m preparing myself from when I get up to when I go to bed,” she explained. “And in the evening, I’m so busy I need to unwind, so I need something to work while I’m sleeping. For me that’s why it’s such a great product. I’ve got a spring in my step I feel like literally I could climb a mountain.”

Luckily Denise feels excited, rather than nervous, about the trek and feels that she has trained properly to survive such a tough-going challenge: “We’ve been training for two months. I exercise regularly but with nine-hour-a-day walks ahead of us, we really need to build up our strength and stamina.”

Denise has lost two good friends to brain cancer, Nicki Waterman and Richard Hopkins, and feels that this is a fantastic way to honour their memory as well as helping a brilliant cause.

“I’ll be thinking of them during the trek,” Denise said. “We’ll light candles for them at temples along the way and share stories about them at the farewell dinner. This expedition is not only a lovely way to pay tribute to the people who are no longer with us, it will also help future generations.”

Raising money and awareness for brain cancer research is what is behind Denise’s drive to complete these amazing challenges each year. “When I became a mum everything changed for me,” she revealed. “ In my 20s and 30s I was very career focused but when I became a mum at 35 I decided I wanted to see the world and help other people – having a child makes you appreciate yourself, your family and friends, and seeing what other families go through who aren’t as lucky as you.”

Watch the full interview which Denise did with Hello magazine and follow her on Instagram.

Lumity is delighted and very proud to be sponsoring the trek. If you’d like to donate you can text TREK1 to 70070 to donate £5 if you’re in the UK, or you can go to Denise’s Just Giving Page here to help out.


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