A diary of twelve months on Lumity supplements by Lucie Hague

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Lucie Hague leads a busy life and juggles running high-end online shopping destination Beyond Bespoke with family. She first heard about Lumity when she read about Yasmin Le Bon praising the two-step day and night capsules as part of her ‘wellness toolkit’ in The Sunday Times.

Here she shares a 12-month diary of what she noticed so she could keep track of how she looked as well as how she felt.


Lucie Lewis who runs Beyond Bespoke went from supplement skeptic to convert after trying Lumity 


Month one: “I have always been a little bit sceptical about supplements and the idea of there being a miracle pill out there. But Lumity doesn’t claim to work miracles, instead the scientifically calibrated formula is intended to work with your body in tandem with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“I had been extremely stressed as was planning a wedding and feeling run down and noticing it in my skin. So, I decided to give these six pills a day a go.

“In the first few weeks I started to feel more rested and calm. It was subtle, but each day instead of wanting to nap in the afternoons or reach for sugary pick-me-ups I felt as if I had always slept well.”


Month two: “Admittedly I still wasn’t completely sure if the supplements were working, but I had been assured by Lumity’s customer service that the body puts nutrients where they’re needed first. They underlined that I absolutely should not miss a morning or bedtime dose as results culminate over time. I set an alarm on my phone and started keeping the bottles by my toothbrush, so I wouldn’t forget.”

Month three: “This is the month where I really noticed a difference: I wasn’t tired, my skin looked fantastic, my hair and nails were growing. People kept giving me compliments and asking what I had done. They were shocked when I said it was down to a supplement.”

Month four: “Lumity had become a part of my daily routine, if I forgot to do a full skincare regime at night and only cleansed and moisturised as well as removing my make-up, I would never forget my three bedtime Lumity capsules.

“I felt as though I was a plant that had been watered and put out in the sun, my moods were better, and I swear I had less brain fog too – suddenly I had all these ideas and getting through my to do list wasn’t a chore anymore.”


Lucie set an alarm clock so she never missed a Lumity morning or bedtime dose


Month five: “Now I could really notice how fast my hair was growing as I was having to book in extra appointments and my nails were so strong. My skin was really clear, no more random breakouts and again, lots of compliments.”

Month six: “I suddenly realised that I hadn’t caught one of the colds or bugs that were going around. No more sick days! I asked if that could be down to Lumity and they said it provides immune support. Several people have said that they’re just expensive vitamins but they’re really so much more than that. I started looking into some of the science that went into the formulation behind Lumity’s capsules and it really stacks up. There’s things like bioavailability, which is the reason why they come in softgels rather than hard capsules. It means that your body absorbs the nutrients shortly after you take the capsules.”

Month seven: “As well as this fresh new outlook on life with lots of energy and reduced fatigue, I felt really happy. I wondered if this could be down to the turmeric in Lumity which has been found in studies to be more effective than anti-depressants. The vitamin D might also be helping with this, as apparently unknowingly, a lot of us who live through dark rainy UK winters have low levels of the sunshine vitamin.”

Month eight: “My facialist commented that my skin was noticeably plumper – which I think could be down to the turmeric paired with vitamin C which can help to support healthy collagen formation. I like the fact that there’s zinc which is known as a secret weapon for clear skin.”

Month nine: “I can truly say that I’m hooked on Lumity’s capsules and at less than the price of a large latté per day they’re worth every penny. Just as I decide I’m going to stick with them for life, they tell me that they have released a new facial oil. It’s a blend of 32 botanicals, which include manuka honey as well as essential oils which uplift as well as relaxing you before bed. They’re a match made in heaven. I had my doubts about a supplement company releasing a facial oil, but it is backed by the same science as the capsules and is a really simple beauty solution for women with busy lives.”


Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil makes the perfect partner to the flagship day and night supplements


Month ten: “I’m surprised but Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil has replaced some of my old beauty faithfuls in my bathroom cabinet. I have also gifted a few bottles to friends who are hooked, and one even uses it all over her body! That’s the other thing about the supplements, they don’t just help the skin on your face, I noticed that my legs and arms seemed soft and didn’t have patches of dry skin where they used to!”

Month eleven: “Disaster strikes! I go away on holiday for two weeks and forget to pack my Lumity supplements! I really did notice the difference and when I got home was delighted to have them back in my daily regime again. I think that can be a problem: You get so used to feeling well that you forget how awful you felt before you started taking them. Now I make sure they’re on my packing list when I do go on trips away.”

Month twelve: “My ‘Lumity birthday!’ I can truly say that these really are my little helpers and combined with the oil are really clever pairing. I recommend Lumity to friends and clients and can truly say I’m delighted that I discovered and stuck with them.”



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