Do supplements really work? Here’s proof they do…

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A lot of people don’t believe in supplements; they either think that you can get everything you need to function properly from food, or that anything that hasn’t been prescribed by an old-fashioned doctor that is all-natural can’t possibly work.

However, Cambridge University educated Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, spent years researching why we age, and identified nine causes of ageing, then used that research to carefully formulate Lumity so it simultaneously tackles all those nine causes of age at once.

It wasn’t something which happened overnight, and creating Lumity supplements was a labour of love because as a busy single mum with one young daughter, she had noticed that she was starting to feel tired and run down as she hit her thirties.

Her research showed that our levels of HGH (human growth hormone) decline as we age, it’s our body’s master hormone and because Lumity naturally boosts HGH levels it improves problems which have been caused by lower HGH levels. These include, lower collagen levels, poor sleep, less energy, hormonal imbalance, hair loss, broken nails, thinner skin and problems with PMT as well as hormonal skin break outs.

Sara is a big believer in the idea that we all already have the perfect body, and that if we treat our bodies gently, with love and care, and nurture ourselves with a steady supply of quality ingredients that are all-natural and work in tune with our systems, then the results of taking Lumity supplements every day and night will include; clearer skin with boosted collagen levels, thicker hair with less hair loss, stronger nails, hormone balance, increased energy, a sense of calm and a great night’s sleep every single night while Lumity’s unique formula gets to work and repairs any damage before you awake free of brain fog and ready to tackle the day.

Next, she carefully tested Lumity on groups of women and men of different ages and backgrounds until she hit on the perfectly calibrated formula – which saw tangible results – that became the clever two-step morning and night capsules that work around the clock and in tune with our bodies.

Cosmopolitan magazine’s Features Director Amy Griers is a self-admitted supplement skeptic; she decided to give Lumity a proper three month trial earlier this year and to test the results by having her skin’s collagen levels measured and carefully scrutinised by a laboratory in London called Santi labs, which specialises in state-of-the-art skin analysis.

Do Supplements Really Work? Here’s Proof They Do…


Here’s Amy’s story, which was published by Cosmopolitan’s UK edition 


Month 1


In the interests of fairness, and to make sure I actually took the things, my conversion to supplement scoffer started with a skin scan, which I then had every month for the three month trial. Everything from elasticity, to collagen levels, how hydrated my skin was and my TEWL level (it stands for Trans Epidermal Water Loss – basically the rate at which your skin loses moisture) were measured. My first results showed that my skin was dehydrated and the collagen levels on my right side weren’t great, probably the product of a latent tanning obsession.


This was a picture taken that day – the black dark areas are fat, and the red and yellow dots are collagen fibers. Basically, the more black areas there are, the more depleted your collagen.


BEFORE: A scan of Amy’s skin



There was work to be done. I embarked on my challenge immediately.


Lumity is made up of two sets of tablets: the mocha-coloured morning supplements (which contain a mix of Vitamins A, B, E and C, selenium (a known anti-ager), turmeric root extract and flaxseed oil for healthy cell membranes), and the white evening ones, which with their mix of potent amino acids, are supposed to help you sleep better and for longer, as well as provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs to heal over and renew overnight. You take three of each, twice a day.

I’m so bad at remembering to take things, I had to set alarms for the first two weeks to remind myself, and leave the tablets next to my toothbrush so I was visually prompted each morning and evening. It worked, and eventually it became habit.


Month 2


I’d been warned that the effects are cumulative so I wouldn’t notice much of a difference for the first month, but in my second month of taking them, the magic started to happen. Firstly, my spots disappeared. Even the hormonal ones that come up in the same place each month – gone. Second, my skin had more of a… glow about it. It was like I was walking around with a permanent layer of Touche Éclat on my face.


At this point in time as I said, gym-fever had properly set in, as I squatted, lifted and spun myself ready for a three-day hen-do in Ibiza. (The threat of daytime pool parties will do that to a girl). But by the end of this second month, my early morning HIIT sessions weren’t nearly as painful. One of the other welcome effects of these supplements, which even those not interested in anti-aging should heed – is that it can improve energy levels. It’s also supposed to nix food cravings, but I can’t say I noticed that one bit – as the sheer volume of Quavers I ate in this period will attest to.


Month 3


The final month of my experiment is where everything clicked into place. I never forgot a dose, could comfortably go to work without foundation and had skin that felt tighter, more toned and more even that I’d ever had before. In my final skin scan, my results showed the following:


Elasticity had improved by 4.8%


Hydration had increased by 22%


Collagen had improved by 10.3%


And TEWL changed by 5.17%


A picture is worth a thousand words, and by the end my scan had gone to this (above) to this:


AFTER: Boosted Collagen


Not bad for popping a few pills.


At 30 years old, I thought I was still too young to benefit from an anti-aging product, but it turns out I’m not. If you’re fed up of not knowing which cream or serum will really help your skin, I’d definitely advise trying to change it from the inside out. I’ve gone from supplement skeptic to a (relative) convert. Not all pills are created equal, but when it comes to this one, I’m sold.


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