Do these 5 things at bedtime for the perfect beauty sleep

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For the ultimate beauty sleep we suggest you do these five things before you hit the hay. 

A whole lot more than snoring and sweet dreams happen when you go to bed. It’s the chance your body gets to rest, rejuvenate and refresh for the morning. But you can’t expect all of this to happen without some input from you.

So to make the most of your shut eye Lumity suggests you follow these tips so your beauty sleep is as dreamy – and productive – as it should be. 

Steer clear of salt and alcohol

You want to wake up refreshed and glowing, not puffy and bloated so it’s time to put down the crisps and back away from the wine bottle. Salty foods and alcohol dehydrate you and your body then compensates by collecting pockets of natural fluids in areas like around the eyes. If you can’t resist a little indulgence make sure you don’t go over the top and give yourself plenty of time in between your drink or snack and bedtime. Also drink plenty of water

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Take your Lumity supplements

Before you drift off remember to take your three Lumity Nighttime supplements. The all-natural ingredients work to improve energy, skin, hair, nails and overall health and get to work while you are in silent slumber. When you wake up you can reach for the Lumity Day supplements to give vitality from the inside out.

Sleep on Silk 

Not only does it feel cool and soft to sleep on a silk pillowcase it’s great for your skin too. The smooth surface lessens friction and the folding of the skin which can promote wrinkles. The silk fabric also doesn’t absorb so much moisture from your skin so helps to keep it hydrated and plumped up.

Have a facial massage

A facial massage like A-list facialist Nichola Joss suggests is a calming way to end your evening. Use Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil which rejuvenates skin cells as you sleep. The all-natural 32-ingredient oil helps repair the damage caused by the environment and moisturises and hydrates the skin so you wake up fresh faced. 

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Reset your circadian clock

To give all of the above the best possible chance to work their magic – or should we say science – then you need to actually get proper sleep. If you struggle to drift off or wake up in the night and aren’t getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night you might want to look at reseting your circadian rhythm. Switch off electronic devices at least an hour before bed, try to keep bedtimes and wake ups at roughly the same time and work on a healthy nighttime regime.

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