Does life get better with age? – 100% yes, says Ish Hrichak, Lumity’s Director of Commercial

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2020 is not a year most of us would associate with moving to a new continent and changing jobs, but that’s precisely what Lumity’s new Director of Commercial, Ish Hrichak, has done. Used to spending time hiking the sunny hills of Los Angeles, Ish has moved to the rainy British capital during the winter of one of the most challenging years for retail sales to date.

Not one to be deterred, he’s approached it with open arms and is busy building up Lumity’s list of global retailers.

We wanted to know more about him and his views on everything from supplements to healthy ageing.

Tell us more about yourself. Who you are, what you do, what you love, what inspires you every day ?

I’m Ish, I’m the Director of Commercial here at Lumity. What I love about my job is working with multiple retailer partners and internal departments together towards the same goals. It’s fun to collaborate and learn from each other. I’m inspired by the resilience of our team and how hard they work.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 20 years and I love that it’s always evolving and changing with the times.

I love supplements, my mom is a Naturopathic Doctor, I’ve been using alternative medicines since I was a kid.  I’m passionate about sharing the wisdom of the brand and genuinely helping people feel their best. I was found through a recruiter during a time when I was looking at new opportunities. I was so happy to learn that Lumity’s values aligned with my own, being a wellness company that had integrity and could back its claims. I’m a huge supplement believer, so finding a product that actually works is a dream come true.

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Does life get better with age? If so how? 

100% yes.  I love how confident and comfortable with myself I’ve become as I’ve gotten older. 

What does truly good health mean to you personally? 

Just feeling good, having the energy to do the activities I want to do and the things I need to do.

Which differences have you noticed since taking Lumity‚Äôs flagship supplements? 

I’ve cut back the amount of other supplements I’ve taken (by a lot), I’ve noticed much better sleeping patterns and habits. My skin also looks perfect, almost all the time.

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Which benefits did you notice as each month went by? Did the benefits get better? 

Sleep was the first thing I noticed to change, I have horrible sleeping habits, once I started taking Lumity’s Morning and Night Male supplements I noticed myself going to bed earlier and waking up more rested.  This has only gotten better over the months.  It amazes me how good my skin looks each morning.

What else do you do to support inside-out health and wellness?

I try to eat as clean as possible, low sugar, no gluten, no processed foods.  I feed my body the fuel it needs but still allow myself to enjoy the things I love by finding healthier versions to eat.  I could never, I mean never give up pizza, it’s my favourite food group…

Do you ever treat yourself to a healthy escape and if so where do you go?

My favourite self-care treat is a massage. I’ve been fortunate to find affordable places everywhere I’ve lived, so getting a massage once or twice a month isn’t out of the question. Massages give me an hour (or two!) away from my phone, my laptop, and lets me just relax and turn off for a bit.

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