Don’t let morning anxiety ruin the rest of your day

-Feb 27, Hannah Hargrave, Mind -

By making a few simple changes to your morning routine you might be able to start your day off on a more positive note and make it stay that way
Anxiety has a nasty habit of rearing its ugly head at the most inopportune moments and if it hits you when you wake up in the morning it can ruin the rest of your day. But by making a few simple changes to your morning routine you might be able to start your day off on a more positive note and make it stay that way!

We’ve all woken up feeling awful in the morning at some time or another but when you’re truly suffering from anxiety – and on a regular basis too – it can look very different from just a bad mood or waking up with the occasional worry.

Some of the signs of morning anxiety might be exhaustion even though you’ve slept, an increase in blood pressure, racing heart and having a sense of fear for no apparent reason. And while if you are concerned you might be suffering from anxiety you should seek advice from a professional, taking heed of some of these lifestyle tips could make headway for a better day.

Lower your cortisol levels

The production of the stress hormone cortisol peaks in the morning and although you can’t stop that from happening you can lower your cortisol levels over all.

Getting a good night’s sleep, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and reducing stress through meditation or relaxation techniques can assist in dropping cortisol levels. 

Avoid caffeine

Your morning caffeine fix might make you feel more alert but it can also make you feel anxious and jittery. Perhaps opt for a cup of hot water to boost your metabolism or a calming cup of herbal tea instead. If you still want some caffeine then try a milder form like in matcha tea. 

Don’t check your phone

As hard as it may be and we know it can’t be avoided entirely but try to take 10-minutes to yourself in the morning before you look at your phone and check your emails. Reacting to what the world wants you to react to can immediately put you on edge. Try meditating or just closing your eyes and breathing for those 10-minutes instead. 

Write a worry journal

Just as making a schedule can help keep you calm and make you feel in control so can a worry journal. Some people find it really helps to write down their worries in the morning. You can even tick them off if you feel them ebb away. 

Ditch your sugary breakfast

If you’re rethinking your breakfast beverage you may as well reconsider what you eat too. Too much sugar can spike your insulin levels and give you a quick burst of energy  but when that subsides you you can feel tired and your anxiety can worsen. Replace surgery cereals, high sugar smoothies and carb fuelled toast with a protein packed omelette or heart healthy oatmeal.


Being active is so important to your overall physical and mental health. You don’t have to go crazy to reap the rewards of exercise either. A brisk walk or a yoga routine at home in the morning can reduce stress levels. When you exercise you release endorphins which make you feel happier and ore positive. So what better way to start the day than with some movement. 

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