Sara Palmer Hussey’s personal prescription for holy grail skin

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If you’ve ever wondered what is the best way to use Lumity’s products then look no further! We turned to the Cambridge University educated Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, who is the person who spent years creating our skincare heroes to give us her personal prescription for holy grail skin.

What skincare routine do you follow?

Sara says: “My skincare routine is minimalist in terms of the number of products I use (just 2 – Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse and Facial Oil), but abundant in terms of skin nutrients and my skin is healthier today than it has ever been as an adult. As a youngster, I used to get seduced by every new beauty product going without checking what they actually contained. Along with the tantalising new natural ingredient, exotic and potent, there were always a host of chemicals that disrupted my skin’s balance, causing irritation and flare-ups. 

Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, spent years perfecting the formula for Lumity’s supplements to help other women look and feel great as they got older and felt tired and worn out.

Is taking Lumity’s Morning & Night supplements enough or do we need a facial oil too?

Sara explains: “I now know that along with the right nutrition from within, skin benefits from topical nutrition too. There is a range of nutrients the skin needs to sustain optimum health and the best medium to deliver them is oil. Oil has a superior affinity with skin. Oils are contained in moisturising creams and cleansers, often as the active ingredients, with the cream base (which is full of chemicals) as the carrier, whereas a good facial oil or cleanser should be 100% pure active ingredients. Natural plant oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, ceramides, fatty acids, phytosterols and phytonutrients, all ingredients that are essential to the healthy functioning of the skin. However, no one oil has a nutritional profile that covers all the skin’s needs, each oil is richer in one nutrient than an another, therefore, it takes a blend of oils to cover all the skin’s requirements.”

Tell us your personal prescription for how to use Lumity’s new cleanser

Lumity’s new cleanser, facial oil and jade roller are all you need for holy grail skin.

Sara says: “I cleanse my face in the morning with Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse. I smooth a dollop of it straight from the pot onto dry skin. I enjoy the scent and the warming effect as I massage it over my whole face and then I wash it off with water. I tap my face dry, but while it’s still moist I slather on Lumity Facial Oil. I repeat the same 2-step routine at night, except, if I have time, I keep the cleanser on to give my skin a deep, nourishing treatment. The activated bamboo charcoal, which gives the cleanser its black colour, is rich in silica (a vital nutrient for skin) and it is extremely effective at drawing out skin impurities, it does so without drying the skin like clays, or stripping and unbalancing the skin like alcohol-based formulations. The oils and extracts contained in both products can then nourish and support the best health of my skin, reinforcing its natural barrier protection, balancing and renewing, and reducing the appearance of imperfections. Both products are a healthy feast for my skin and the only 2 skincare products I ever use or need.”

Sounds divine. If you enjoyed this, why not read more about Sara’s take on why skincare doesn’t have to be complicated and how to protect your skin from pollution.

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