Easy hairstyles to try while you’re relaxing over Christmas – From top stylists

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The festive period means time to relax and spend entire weekends in your pyjamas. It's also the ideal reason to perfect the beautifully undone hair look!
The festive period calls for stylish looks for nights out and parties, but it’s also time to relax with friends and family and spend entire weekends in your pyjamas. It’s also the ideal reason to perfect the beautifully undone festive hair look!
Looking good in loungewear can a challenge so we caught up with some expert hairdressers to get some tips on how to nail a manageable, while still suitably cool, look – so you don’t regret it when a teenage relative whips out their new phone and starts uploading snaps to social media. 


Perfect weekend plaits


Plaits, long or short are a great way of controlling hair slightly past its best and also looking like you have made an effort. “During downtime, I’d always recommend wearing your hair in plaits as they are super on trend and look even trendier the messier they get!” recommends Leah Durrant, owner of Leah Durrant Hair Salon & Beauty Re:Treat.

“Plaits are great for avoiding frizz and knots and will only need redone once throughout the weekend. Use a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and to refresh the hair before restyling. A serum is also great for slicking the hair back and disguising greasy hair!”

If you have longer hair then indulge in the most beautiful of all the plaits – the fishtail. A fishtail plait is such a simple yet effective style, which can be created within minutes,” explains Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing. “It’s great for clients who are relaxing as it keeps the hair free from the face while also ensuring it looks stylish.

“To begin, gather the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck using a hair band. Next split the hair into two sections. Use your finger to separate a small section of the hair from the outer edge and cross it over to the opposite side (like a normal braid). While holding the two sections regrip allowing you to tighten the plait.

“Repeat with a small section on the opposite side. Repeat the steps using both sides of the ponytail all the way to the ends of the hair. We recommend taking a section ½ inch to cross over. Secure the braid with a hair band and remove the band at the nape of the neck.” Also perfect for slotting tinsel into if the mood takes you.


Top knot success for weekend hair


The top knot is a weekend staple to many of us – thank goodness celebs like Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba have made it cool! The fact it works best with two or ideally three day old hair is a gift when the nearest you will get to a wash and blow dry is a squirt of dry shampoo.

“The topknot is perfect for downtime and can look as effortless and textured or as sleek as the client desires,”Dylan Brittain, Schwarzkopf Global Ambassador and Scottish Hairdresser of the Year.

“To get the look, I would firstly start by slicking the hair into a very high ponytail  – around 5 or 6cm from the hairline is perfect – and secure with a band. I would then backcomb the ponytail and twist until the hair forms a bun and then secure with pins before finishing with a spritz of hairspray to allow the hairstyle to last well into the night. The topknot is also the perfect look for the day after a party, so I always advise clients to pack a few extra hairgrips and the hair a little messier for a relaxed take on the trend.”


Make waves while you’re in a festive mood 


The long, wavy, bohemian look is classic weekend style and perfect for wearing with casual clothes but not always easy to achieve without frizz or flat roots. Unless you have a bit of know-how.

“Bohemian waves are a great hairstyle,” says Neil Barton, Goldwell Ambassador and owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing.

“This look is very natural and relaxed, with only a little volume and a soft cascading wave, great for lazy post Sunday lunch  walks as the style is effortlessly chic and looks great with a fedora hat!

To get this look on clients, I would firstly start by spraying the hair with a heat-activated texturiser for added hold. Then, using curling irons, I would create the bohemian waves, starting a few inches away from the scalp to allow the wave to fall more naturally and leaving an inch or so at the ends straight to help elongate the shape and make it feel more bohemian than glamorous. Work in similar sized sections, allowing the hair to twist naturally as you go around the head and spray each section with heat-activated texturizer as you go.

“Once finished, it’s important to run your fingers through the hair to break up and relax the curls. Giving the hair a light brush is also beneficial to give it a softer look. Finally, finish with a spritz of hairspray to hold the waves in place all day long.”


Space buns are this year’s hottest Christmas look


If you are over waves and plaits and want something a little different from a top knot then the ‘space bun’ is the new look you need to get involved with.

“A huge hairstyle trend for clients at the moment is space buns and this hairstyle is great for clients who love quirkier, more edgy hair look and want to keep their hair off their face,” says Karen Thomson, owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa.

“To create this look, I would start by using a comb and creating a middle parting. I would then separate the hair into two ponytails at each side of the head and taking one ponytail at a time, I would twist the hair, rolling it up into a bun before securing with a hair tie.

“Once you have done this on each side, finish the look by using a finishing spray, serum or oil to get rid of any flyaways and keep the hair looking neat and tidy. I always recommend clients take a serum or oil with them when attending a festival too, as they can allow hairstyles to last longer. Clients can sleep with their hairstyle still in place and simply wake up in the morning and apply some product to tame any flyaway hair, revive the hairstyle and banish any dry or frizzy ends.”


Simple and out of this world! Don’t forget to take your 3 morning Lumity capsules and 3 before bed to keep your hair, skin and nails healthy all the way through the festive season. 

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