Eating after 8pm? How to stop late night snacking

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We know snacking before bed or even after 8pm isn’t good for your waistline, sleep patterns or your skin but how can you cut back on those late night meals or cravings, especially when they’ve become habitual?

Whether you regularly eat late at night because of your work schedule, because you’re waiting for the kids to go to bed, or because you simply love a 10pm food fest, the fact of the matter is eating late can throw your circadian rhythm – also known as your body clock – all out of whack. This in turn affects your sleep, your looks and your overall wellbeing.

So, how can you kick the habit without feeling like you’re depriving yourself?

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Drink tea

Instead of digging around in the snack cupboard, reach for a delicious cup of herbal or decaffeinated tea instead. Not only are they very low-calorie but they’re soothing, hydrating and you may just find the hunger pangs you were convinced you were having were actually signs of dehydration.

Brush your teeth

If you find yourself staring into the fridge wondering what to eat or pacing up and down considering that delicious looking cheese plate, back away and go brush your teeth! Not only will it mean that anything you eat from that point will taste pretty bad anyway, but it kicks off your nighttime routine, telling your brain it’s time for bed.

Give yourself a facial

Rather than indulging your stomach, try indulging your skin. Your nightly skincare routine doesn’t have to be done immediately before bed. You could cleanse, tone, moisturise and then give yourself a calming facial massage using Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil in the evening and still reap the benefits then and in the morning.

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Eat a proper meal

A proper, balanced, nutritional and portion-controlled dinner will keep you satisfied for longer, meaning you won’t feel the need to tuck into the box of chocolates or go for dinner no. 2. 

Go for a walk

Break up the eating momentum by going for a walk after dinner. Or if you get a sudden craving, pop on your shoes and step outside for a wander. Even if just for 15 or 20 minutes you will get some fresh air and feel less inclined to eat more when you return home.

Snack right

We understand that there will be nights when you just want to have a little late night treat or you HAVE to eat your meal later than planned. That’s ok. Just be mindful about what you are eating. Overloading on heavy carbs or processed foods might make you feel great in the moment but it won’t in the long run. 

For some inspirational nighttime nibbles that actually have some health benefits check out the article below. But remember they won’t do you any good to eat them every night.

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Switch off the TV

Mindless eating happens when we are plugged into electronics or watching a screen. To respect your circadian rhythm and help reduce the urge to eat reduce your exposure to the blue light from screens an hour or more before bedtime. 

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Pick up a book in bed and read your way to a silent night’s beauty sleep. You’ll be away from the temptation of the kitchen and you’ll benefit from a relaxing read. 

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