Elizabeth Hurley on looking amazing in a swimsuit over 50

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Ever since the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley wore that Versace dress to the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral with her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant, the world has marvelled at her youthful looks and enviable figure. Affectionately known as Liz, the model and actress is certainly one of the country’s national treasures.

She has modelled for beauty brand Estee Lauder since she was 29, appeared in numerous films and TV shows from Austin Powers to recent series The Royals alongside screen legend Joan Collins – and now Elizabeth’s swimwear business, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, is going from strength to strength.

At 53, the star is still modelling the bikinis herself on her social media page. So how does Liz look so incredible in swimwear over 50, and what can we learn from her?

An active outdoors lifestyle

We all know that nature is good for our mind, body and soul, and Liz is a strong believer in that too. She lives in the countryside at her Grade II listed estate Donnington Hall in Herefordshire, where she loves spending her time outside with her dogs, making jam and walking around the expansive grounds.

She reveals that for her, keeping fit isn’t about being thin, it’s about maintaining a healthy weight. Liz says: “I have 5 flights of stairs in my house… That’s the sort of exercise that’s very good for us – running up the stairs instead of walking, walking an extra stop before you get on the tube; all are good. If you have a dog – get out and walk them.”

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The actress is very hands on in the gardens and fields at her home, explaining that she can drive a tractor, do fencing and trim hedges. “I love my hedge-trimmer, it’s probably my favourite possession,” she says. The star has also spoken in the past about her love of Pilates.

Be sensible with your diet

Elizabeth has a healthy approach to eating. She advises eating her food earlier in the day so her body can digest it properly and rest while sleeping. She says: “If my jeans feel tight I try to cut back a bit and if I stay home in the evening I’ll eat a very light dinner. I rarely skip breakfast and always eat lunch but the lighter my evening meal the better.”

The mum-of-one reveals she tries to swap unhealthy snacks such as cookies for an apple and likes to start the day with two mugs of hot water plus a splash of apple cider vinegar, which she says is good for the gut. “Otherwise I eat pretty normally but avoid processed and junk foods.”

Moisturising is key

Being an A-list beauty icon, Liz has access to a wealth of beauty products – but her stand-out product is a moisturiser.

Moisturising is extremely important to her, as she reveals: ‘The one thing I swear by is moisturiser – and lots of it. I’ll moisturise my face about six times a day and my neck about ten times a day.”

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Comfortable in her skin

Growing older has given Liz a new level of self acceptance and inner peace, which undoubtedly shows in her radiant complexion. “When I was younger I was much more self-conscious than I am now, which doesn’t make sense because in retrospect I had a better body 30 years ago,” she says. But she admits that life events do change your perspective, such as her father passing away and the birth of her son Damian. Since then, the model
admits, she has learnt to let go and worry less about herself.

Relaxation is important

Along with those long country walks, Liz makes sure she finds time for herself and having a soak in the tub with a good book is a high priority. She says: “Bath-time. I love bath-time. I think it really started when I had a young child in the house, and any mother will tell you that when they are finally put down to sleep in their cot, it’s me time, time for a hot bath.”

The actress also makes a point of not answering every email as soon as it lands in her inbox. We could definitely do with adopting that mind-set.

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