Emma Forbes shares her 8 steps to healthy ageing

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emma forbes healthy ageing

Emma Forbes has never looked better. The TV star and broadcasting favourite has stepped into her 50s in absolute style – and is not only looking the epitome of healthy ageing but is also feeling on top of the world. There’s no denying that Emma has some great genes – her beloved mum Nanette Newman is now in her 80s and looks remarkably similar to the the elegant lady we all knew and loved from those Fairy Liquid commercials in the ‘80s.

But while Emma might have had a genetic head start when it comes to looking and feeling fantastic in her 50s, the truth is it takes a level of discipline and work, and thankfully for us, Emma has agreed to share some of her secrets.

Currently loving life (as a busy wife and mum of two) and work (launching a fabulous lifestyle website and weekly podcast called the Lifestyle Newshound which is an absolute must-have for your iTunes library, you can subscribe and listen to free of charge here –  @thelifestylenewshound co-hosted with Gemma Sheppard) Emma is a walking advert for investing time and energy into keeping yourself in the best shape you can as you age.

Here are Emma’s top tips to being the best you can be at any age – something we at Lumity couldn’t agree with more.

1) AGE IS BUT A NUMBER: “It sounds cliché, but it is just a number. It felt huge when I approached 50 and everyone talks about it so much that I think there is huge pressure on the whole event. For me, it was a point in my life to take stock, make changes and make it a positive move and really focus on ageing as gracefully and as healthily as I could – in truth I actually feel better at 52 than I did at 32!

2) AGE NATURALLY: “I am very into doing things naturally – I am not judging remotely but I am anti-surgery, haven’t done Botox etc (this is just for me – as I said I don’t judge others!) and I truly believe that what you put in is what you get out of your body. You are what you eat – so I eat a balanced and healthy macrobiotic based diet – and focus on taking the best care of my skin inside and out.”

3) ACCEPT YOURSELF: “Ageing well means to me making the best of what you’ve got! Accepting any flaws, enhancing the good bits and taking the best care of the rest! I think I’ve had a great role model in my mother who has aged with such grace and style – and has done zero surgery. Yes, it’s genetics too but I do think that we have become a nation of such ‘quick fixes’ we’ve forgotten that actually smile lines, a few wrinkles give us character and personality – and it is totally possible to age gracefully.”

4) FIND YOUR STYLE: “I spent ages telling Gemma that I longed to wear dresses – I see people in pretty dresses and long to find one…The reality is it’s not a look that suits me! I am so much more at home in simple tailored trousers and jackets and I’ve learned to find a look that I love and work on that.”

5) FIND A BALANCE WITH FOOD AND EXERCISE: “Wellness-wise I have found a diet and way of life that works for me – getting the balance right between exercise, food and realising that it pays off and helps in every way from day-to-day life to long-term health I am not saying you need to be a slave to a food regime – everything in moderation is always fine – but just to really assess what your body needs as fuel, weight is harder to maintain over 50 and food plays a huge part in it all.”

6) WALK IT OFF: “My advice for staying healthy and balanced during stress, well for me, it’s been walking! I am a great pacer of the streets, parks and treadmills… I find it a huge stress reliever, problem solver and a way of keeping fit.”

7) KEEP YOUR SKIN HYDRATED: “I do have a beauty routine – am quite obsessed with taking care of my skin and as I fly a lot I am so onto keeping it hydrated! I have a variety of products that I use daily and do a lot of ‘layering’ of products on my skin for hydrating but I also cleanse morning and night. I think it’s super important. I love the soon-to-be released Lumity Facial Oil as it is so so hydrating so that is one of my current favourites – and again it’s so good to put on when flying.”

8) SUPPLEMENT YOUR DIET: “I love to take supplements (Lumity is in there!) again that benefit the skin. My diet includes masses of oily fish, avocado and olive oil – so I feel I give it the best shot!”

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