Emma Thompson ‘I feel like I look my age and I don’t mind that’

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Gone are the days when “being old” was a negative thing. Turning this concept of ageing on its head is thanks to an army of female stars speaking out about how fantastic they feel as each year ticks by. And, Emma Thompson is no exception. 

Oooh, we just love Emma Thompson. Not only is she an amazing actor but someone we just know we’d have a riot with if we sat down over a cup of tea (or a glass of wine).

Never one to shy away from anything, Emma has been talking recently about how she feels about approaching 60 in a world where youth and perfect appearances have always been a star’s biggest currency. 

Why Emma is shunning cosmetic surgery

Amazingly, in an industry such as hers, Emma has always resisted the allure of surgical intervention, famously declaring she considers line smoothing injections and fillers complete madness. “Look at me, I’m normal,” she said a few years ago, “I really wouldn’t do anything. It’s psychotic to have your body opened up and stuff put in and injecting yourself with poisons.”

And now, aged 58, the Love Actually star has revealed she’s loving her age – and is embracing every aspect of her advancing years, including the wrinkles.

How Emma feels about approaching 60

“I feel like I look my age and I don’t mind that. I put concealer under my eyes, but I like looking my age. I’m 58, I accept that,” she told the Sunday Times. “The key to the spirit of youth is curiosity. If you’re curious you feel alive. That and not being poor. Being old is heaven.”

Not that she has any desire to pretend to herself that she’s younger than she really is. Talking to the Guardian in 2014, Emma admitted she approaches film projects in a very different way now she’s in her 50s – making sure they are stories she feels need to be told, as she’s aware she’s running out of time.

Fifty, she says, is not the new 30, but it’s good for a host of different reasons. “If you look after yourself and you’re healthy, then you’ll have the energy to do things. But not to recognise getting older for what it is? I do think the infantilisation of our generation is one of the huge issues of our time. People wanting to be 35 when they’re 50 makes me think: why? Why don’t you be 50 and be good at that?”

Emma’s top tips for living your best life whatever your age

Emma credits her current figure (and 2 stone weight loss) to the holistic lifestyle plan offered by Louise Parker. The Louise Parker Method addresses followers’ diet, fitness, sleep and mental wellbeing – a really holistic approach.

“She’s not holier than thou, yet somehow miraculously gets my reluctant arse into gear and sometimes even keeps it there,” Emma revealed as she spoke about her wellness secret weapon.

“I love that her method is not a diet – and is genuinely sustainable – so I can have my glass of wine and manage to avoid spending the rest of the week eating cheesy Wotsits.”

The Transform phase of Louise’s method includes thinking successfully (including visualising and thinking positive), living well (decluttering, detoxing digitally at 9pm each night and sleeping well), eating beautifully (three meals and two snacks each day, full of fresh, balanced food) and working out intelligently (a mix of a daily step target and Louise’s own cardio and sculpting exercises).


Well, being able to have the odd glass of wine and successfully avoiding unhealthy snacks certainly sounds like heaven to us. if you enjoyed this, perhaps you’d be interested to find out the 10 reasons why life improves once you’re over 40. And, did you know that there are certain foods which you can eat to feel more youthful? 

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