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Eva Longoria is probably best known globally for playing Gabrielle “Gabby” Solis in television’s Desperate Housewives and has said that she hopes her character left her mark on viewer’s minds : “I think she definitely brought the sexy back in suburbia,” she insists.

More likely though is that it was Longoria herself who left the lasting impression on us all: In person she’s warm, chatty and generous, remarking on the shade of nail polish I have chosen as if I have just met a good friend for lunch rather than a well-known star for an interview. 

When I tell her that she has barely aged since she first burst into the public eye back in 2004, Eva laughs and says: “I hear that a lot, that I don’t look 42. I was in Vegas just recently and I got carded! I was playing the slot machines and this lady came over and said, ‘Excuse me ma’am, you have to be twenty-one to play those’. I was SO excited and got her to do a Snapchat with me and everything. It really made my day.”

The delightful star is now happily married to third husband José Baston and showed me her huge diamond and ruby engagement ring, which she often tends to leave at home, instead opting to wear one simple platinum wedding band with a delicate diamond eternity band: “I’m a simple girl. My engagement ring was a bit too much for me so I couldn’t wait to wear just the band,” she says. 

Follow a strict beauty routine no matter what

Indeed, her beauty routine is equally down-to-earth: “You know I’m a huge believer in following a strict routine where no matter how late at night it is, if I’ve been out and I’m exhausted, I always, always, take my make up off. I cleanse, tone and moisturise every single morning and every single night.

“I take it all off, I’m religious about it.”

If Eva has any time to herself she says she’s a big fan of self-care and starts waving her arms in huge circles in a bid to demonstrate how much product she slathers on when she’s having a long, luxurious bath.

“I love putting on masks and scrubs and lying back in the bath and just relaxing,” she laughs. 

“Also, everyone says it but drinking lots of water is important and is getting lots of sleep plus exercise, because you sweat all the toxins out – so that’s really important.”

We briefly touch on the subject of Eva’s huge celebrity “squad” which includes Victoria Beckham and the pair’s shared A-list hairstylist Ken Paves: “Yes! I absolutely adore Victoria. She’s fantastically funny and we always have the best time,” Eva laughs. 

“I was in my suite at the Martinez Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival and I heard this loud thumping music coming from the next room and laughter. I rushed out into the hallway, you know, I wanted to see what was going on and maybe tell them to turn it down.

“I see some of Victoria’s people milling about and I’m like, ‘is that who I think it is in there?’ and they said yes. So I went back into my room and opened up the connecting doors to their room and went, ‘HEY!’ like I was going to tell them off.

“They saw it was me and we all laughed and Victoria rushed over and gave me this giant hug.

“It was funny because we were both in Cannes, she was doing her own thing and I was there as a L’Oreal ambassador and the hotel had put us in adjoining suites and we had no idea. It was a happy accident.

“So we had a lot of fun, it was so great because the film festival is actually a lot of hard work but it’s really fantastic to be able to catch up with such good friends and make it fun as well.”

Eva then tells me her absolute ultimate beauty tip: “Being in love! It makes your eyes sparkle and your skin glow and I always tell my friends that being in love is guaranteed to make you look gorgeous.”


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