Expert Advice: Caring for your skin when you have Psoriasis

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Reena Ruparelia shares the skincare regime she swears by to ease the symptoms of Psoriasis.

Having lived with Psoriasis for 25-years Reena Ruparelia knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to taking care of her skin. From meditation and moisturising, to diet and consistency, she reveals her step-by-step guide to caring for her skin while living with Psoriasis.

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When it comes to Psoriasis, how important is a skincare regime for you?
“It is SO important!” she tells Lumity. “I have an evening routine that I don’t compromise on, anywhere I go. Because of this process my skin is hydrated and feels comfortable throughout the night and I usually wake up without feeling dry. Here’s what I do:

  • Hydrating throughout the day with water, fruits and veg is essential to my skin health but what I put on my skin also matters.
  • In the evening before bed, I dim all the lights, I put on some candles and incense and I take a really luxurious shower with warm water (lately I’ve been ending it with a 1 minute cold shower)
  • I put on all my lotions and creams and as the cream sets into my skin, I lay down and let the sink into my body
  • As I lay down, I usually have music or something soothing playing and I go through my day in my head, noting what went well that day and feeling grateful
  • I also take the time meditate and breath deep before bed

What does your skincare regime entail and are there specific ingredients that help?
“I usually use a body wash for sensitive skin as well as a face wash. Every few days I do a dry brush (as long as I am not in flare) and exfoliate with coffee grounds and coconut oil and sugar (which I make into a paste)
“After the shower, I pay myself dry vs rubbing the towel. Immediately I apply a rich, thick cream on my Psoriasis spots and then I seal them in with a body moisturizer.
“I haven’t found specific ingredients but if I have something that is oil based when I am really dry that really helps me.”

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What have you found to be the most helpful things when you have a Psoriasis flare up?

  1. Meditation and managing my stress.
  2. Making sure I am drinking enough water and sleeping.
  3. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and making sure I am getting enough vitamin D
  4. Moisturizing and keeping my skin soft and not picking or irritating it.

Since skin health is not just about what you put on your skin but how you nourish it from within. Do you find your diet can make a difference to your Psoriasis?
“For me it makes a huge difference, I find when I am eating processed foods and eating in a way that doesn’t nourish my body from within, my skin is really dry, red and inflamed.
“Keeping a healthy diet, with good fats and lots of fruit and vegetables, plus water makes a HUGE difference in my skin health.
“I do find it hard to be disciplined with diet, so I struggle often, but I always come back to healthy as being inflamed and uncomfortable is NO fun!”

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You seem like a very active, healthy person too does this all help with mentally dealing with your skin condition, because often that is the hardest part?
“I am a very active person. I walk and I go to spin class a lot! I like to move my body and I know it helps my mental health. When I am in a good place mentally, I make better choices with the food I put in my mouth and also its easier to manage day to day stressors which includes my skin issue. When its flaring you worry about it flaring and the worry causes it to flare more – when I am active I can better manage these emotions.”

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