Expert advice: How to eat healthy when eating out

-Sep 3, Hannah Hargrave, Nutrition -

how to eat healthy when you're in a restaurant
Cooking healthy meals for yourself is one thing but when you eat out it can be tricky to ensure you’re not packing away too many calories, sugar and fats. Personal trainer and Fit4mum founder Melissa Lorch has given Lumity some helpful tips to eating well wherever you are.


If you’re trying to eat healthily then eating out or on the go can be a curse. You want to relax over lunch at your favourite restaurant, enjoy dinner at your friend’s home without your waistline being at the forefront of your mind. 

The good news is with some simple tips there’s no reason you can’t keep control of your diet even when you’re not totally in control of the menu.


Fill up before you go


“If you’re not sure whether the party you’re going to or the event you’re attending will offer a healthy fare then eat something beforehand,” advices Melissa. “Just tell people you’ve already eaten, that way you’re not being anti-social or tempted by high calorie party foods.”


Skip to the main


“At restaurants you can skip bread bowls and starters and head straight to your main course. Choose a lovely light white fish dish with plenty of veg or salad, small potatoes and any sauces on the side.”


Share sweet treats


“If you can’t resist the dessert then share with someone and just have a few spoonfuls to save on calories. It’s usually the first few mouthfuls that satisfy the sweet craving anyway.”


Don’t get too hungry


“If you’re starving it’s hard to stop yourself from just grabbing anything to eat and more than likely making bad decisions. So, don’t let yourself reach that point in the first place and carry healthy snacks with you.”



“Staying healthy while you’re travelling can be difficult too. But on some long distance flights you can pre-order a healthy meal 48 hours before you travel. Also take fruit, almonds etc for in flight snacks of your own rather than eating the on board salty varieties!”


Keep hydrated


“Drinking a couple of litres of fluid a day is a good habit anyway, but even more so when you’re travelling. On holiday take a bottle of water with you and refill when you can. Sip rather than guzzle, that way you’ll spend less time searching for the toilet! Avoid sugary, processed soft drinks too as they dehydrate you even further.”


If you’re looking for some healthy recipes why not try our delicious avocado turkey burger or whip up these fish tacos with mango coleslaw for a boost of vitamin C.

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