Expert advice: How to get back into exercise now summer’s officially over

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Top London trainer India Bailey shares her top tips with Lumity to kickstarting your exercise regime again as we head into autumn and winter.

Having a goal to get swimsuit ready for your summer holiday is one thing but when the colder weather starts rolling in, the nights get darker and the warmer layers come out, it can be difficult to convince yourself you need to still workout.

But a consistent exercise regime is far more beneficial than a quick fix ahead of a vacation, so how do you get back into exercising if you’ve hit a major slump in your workout routine? India Bailey of Core Collective gives Lumity the scoop.

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Think of exercise as a habit

“Having a goal to get bikini ready for your holidays is a short term goal,” says India. “But with fitness there has to be consistency, long-term.
“Of course if you’re going on holiday it’s nice to get a few extra classes in and watch what you’re eating, but it’s really about making exercise a habit.
“Think of it as a part of the day like eating your lunch or brushing your teeth. Make it second nature.”

Find a friend

“It can be difficult to kickstart your routine or to get started in the first place,” admits India. “So if you’re not a self starter find a friend with a similar goal to yours or at least someone to workout with. It’s easier when you have someone else doing it with you.”

Don’t be deterred

“The first time I went spinning I thought it was the worst thing ever and left halfway through having a panic attack,” reveals the spin instructor. “I said I was never trying that again.
“But when I found a new instructor she was amazing and I felt bad if I didn’t go. I felt I owed it to her and that inspired me to keep going back. Experiment with different classes and different instructors until you find one that fits for you.”

Don’t expect to see results straight away

“Rome wasn’t built in a day and the foundation of your fitness journey should be finding the right exercise for you. Over time once that foundation has been built you can feel confident to layer it up and add to it. It takes time to get in shape.”

Find something you enjoy

“It can be demoralising to go into a class and see everyone in there is super strong. You just want to walk out and give up on it. Which is why you should do a bit of research first. Find out the level of the class and talk to the trainer beforehand.
“Try different workouts or exercises and have fun with some trial and error.”

Have a balance

“Combine strength, cardio and flexibility for balance but also so you can change things up. You may find there’s a class or routine you follow and as you get better at it, your confidence grows but eventually you are going to plateau. You should feel challenged in your workouts or you won’t see the results you want.”

Edit your diet

“If you eat healthily you’re more likely to stick to your fitness goals,” she says. “It’s about balance and being mindful of what you are eating.

“If you start eating lots of refined sugars and cakes you’re going to feel tired and sluggish and think ‘I’ve started and now I’ll just keep going like this’.
“If you’re going to treat yourself, then enjoy it but do not let it take over your life. Nobody is perfect. The more you restrict the more you’ll want to be bad.

“The way I do it is if there is something I really want, but isn’t the best for me, I’ll take 50 seconds and think about it. Is it really going to bring me joy? If it is and I’m not going to regret it then I’ll do it. If it’s going to bring me down, then I won’t.”

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Diversify your diet

“If you eat the same thing over and over again you’re going to get bored and go off track. So keep it interesting and try different things as it’ll keep you keen and keep your digestive system on it’s toes.”

It’s never too late

“There is an exercise class, workout or fitness community for you whatever your age and whatever your ability. It gets me so mad when people say it’s too late to get in shape. It’s never too late. Of course if you’ve never done any exercise before you need to be mindful about what you’re doing. People who have been fit or been exercising their whole life will have more muscle memory.

“But if you’re just starting out, start slow, calmly and have the knowledge that you won’t get to where you want to be in one day. Fitness needs to become a habit.

“If you’re older it does take a little more time too, but at the end of the day fitness is for everyone and it can change everything.”

Stop making excuses

“Think about how fitness is going to fit into your life. As we get into winter Darkness is just another obstacle and you’re going to feel so much better for just overcoming that hurdle. Of course you can’t wait for the summer months when you get up and it’s warm and light, but then there is the temptation of people having BBQs and socialising instead of working out. There is always going to be something that is standing in your way so you have to think of it as ‘this is part of my life, it’s non negotiable and it makes me feel so much better about myself’.
“Remind yourself of just how good you feel once it’s done.”

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