Expert advice: Style changes to make in your 60s

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style changes to make in your 60s
Finding your own sense of style can be difficult whatever your age and if you’re rolling into your 60s you may feel like you’re stuck in a style rut or are suddenly unsure of how you could be dressing. Luckily we have top British stylist and Fashion Editor Donna McCulloch – also known as Sulky Doll – on hand to give some guidance to ‘wearing’ your age with pride and confidence. She insists that those lists which dictate what you can and can’t wear when you hit a certain age are dated and that a capsule wardrobe can evolve as you age. 


With age comes wisdom as well as a few changes to your appearance and lifestyle. Unless you’re blessed with unicorn-rare genetics you will look different to how you did in your 30s and 40s, and perhaps you’ve been able to throw caution to the wind and consign a few misguided fashion buys to the charity shop’s bargain bin. 

But do you have to undergo a huge style overhaul to improve your wardrobe and inject some personality or can you just make some subtle changes?

“No,” insists Donna. “Once you’ve nailed your capsule wardrobe and go to pieces in your wardrobe then you’ve identified your own personal style and it just evolves as you age. I don’t wear heels as much now as they’re not practical for me all the time but I still love a heel so I wear a low heeled boot or wedge to still give some height.“


Is there one rule of thumb when it comes to staying stylish no matter what your age?


“Be authentically you.”

“Your body changes as you age so I imagine it’s more important than ever to be aware of your figure and what suits it?”

“100%. Lots of my clients are menopausal or post menopause and this can result in a change in shape so if you’re self conscious as a result we need to find a way through our clothes to reduce this feeling.”


It can be difficult to suddenly change your wardrobe with no help so would it help to get someone – a friend, daughter – to help you make some switches?


“As a professional I’d say get a stylist in, as often it’s very hard for a friend or family member to say something doesn’t suit. I have a million different ways to tell you it might not be suitable without crushing your feelings.”


Often women try to simplify the styling situation and say once you hit a certain age you can’t wear this or shouldn’t wear that but that depends on the women doesn’t it? Are there any absolute no now once you hit your 60s?


“NO! I loathe those articles where they list what women can and can’t do over a certain age. You wear what you feel comfortable in (literally and metaphorically).”


Is it sometimes the case that actually the wardrobe is ok, it’s updating the hair and makeup that is the problem?


“Yes absolutely but it’s more often a combination of all three.”

Is it harder to stay stylish as you age?


“Not at all. I think you learn as you age that style is way more important than trends and once you’re comfortable with your style you own it and don’t feel the need to slavishly follow trends.”

If you’ve never had a confident and natural sense of style how can you change that in your 60s?


“It’s never too late to find it. I always ask my clients to tell me who in the public eye they find stylish and why and then we explore what it is about that person that appeals to them and then take it from there.”


Are there any good apps or websites over 60s could use to see what’s in fashion for their age?


“You can’t beat Pinterest in my honest opinion.”


How would you define your own personal style? 


“My personal style is influenced by the 70s but I am inspired by women who love fashion and are looking for that someone, who will encourage them to embrace their own definitive style, in the face of societal expectations of how women should dress…Simply put, I am that someone.”


Style guru Donna insists that lists which dictate what you can and can’t wear when you hit a certain age are dated and a capsule wardrobe can evolve as you do.


If you’re looking for a helping hand with your style or to find out more about Donna you can see her website which lists her truly fantastic professional body of work or you can follow her on Instagram. Prepare to lose several hours if you do a deep dive into her Pinterest board. Donna also gave us some truly fantastic advice about using Lumity Facial Oil on top of make-up to give your skin a healthy glow. 



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