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Whilst the thought of going makeup free might scare some people, skin is very firmly in. Natural beauty is more popular than ever, but skincare aficionado Cayli Cavaco Reck tells us that you can rock a more natural look with just a few key products. 

Have you noticed that a revolution is taking place in the beauty world and people are suddenly embracing a more natural, make-up free look?

All very well for A-listers who have an army of facialists, nutritionists and private chefs as well as top photographers on hand to ensure they look fabulous when they aren’t made up, but what about the rest of us who want to try out a more natural look but aren’t sure where to start?

We turned to one of our favourite beauty experts, Cayli Cavaco Reck, who owns the top conscious beauty store Knockout Beauty at 1031 Lexington Avenue in New York, after her store in the Hamptons gained a cult following. 

Cayli tells Lumity that she has several tricks for going barefaced and that it doesn’t necessarily mean going product free, which was music to our ears.

Glowy skin in just minutes 

“If you have a job or you’re in a situation where you have to have your face on every day in the week, then it’s a great idea to set aside one of the days on the weekend to give your face a rest,” Cayli says. “Even if you have a big event to go to then you can go all day without make-up.

“When you get up in the morning wash, tone, use a face oil – or whatever your routine is – then tight line your eyes. So you just use an eyeliner along the top and bottom lid of your eyes so you look awake and your eyes are defined. Then that lets your skin have a break.

“Curl your lashes and then use a super glossy lip gloss – and you’re ready to go.”

But that’s not all, Cayli has come up with a genius way to fit in an extra twenty plus hours a week of make-up free time: “Another trick is when you get home in the week, do your night beauty routine not long after you’ve walked through the door,” she advises.

How to get extra make up free time 

“Don’t wait until bed to cleanse and add a nourishing serum or oil. Doing it when you get home gives your skin the entire evening to breathe and getting the grime of the day off before you’re really tired means you’re likely to take longer instead of doing it quickly, or worse – falling into bed with make-up on.”

The top products to embrace the natural look 

For those of us who aren’t confident enough about our skin to face the world almost exactly as we awoke, Cayli recommends Vertere, which is an organic skincare range that was specifically created to be used by women and men of any age, and a broad range of skin types: “Vertere has a cleanser and cream that contain SPF which even out your skin tone, so you look luminous and glowing and like you have make up on even when you don’t,” Cayli explains.

Cayli tells us that she’s also a fan of Kat Rudu (who also boasts Eva Mendes, Kate Beckinsale and Jenna Tatum among her army of clients). Kat created her eponymous skin care collection in Venice, California after 20 years of performing her state-of-the-art treatments at her skin studio. Her secret is compounding crèmes with innovative active botanicals and silk amino acids, Cayli says: “Kat’s silk amino acid serum is brilliant for applying on days when you want to skip make up, it lifts and tightens so you have dewy skin. It’s very gentle so even if you’re prone to acne it won’t irritate your skin.”

Another of Cayli’s favourites is La Bella Figura and she tells us that their daily defence face oil is a game changer: “It’s just a serum but you will glow after you apply it on your face. I also love Odacité; they have a range of oils and for days when you’re feeling washed out if you use their carrot seed oil it has a very slight orange/red tint to it which will gently lift your complexion and give you a hint of colour.”

Cayli’s final tip is to add a tiny bit of mineral make up or some gold tinted, sparkly eye shadow to your serum (or oil, or moisturiser) before putting on your face: “Don’t add too much or you’ll leave the house looking like a disco ball,” she laughs. “And check how you look under natural light if you’re putting this on and then going out in the day. But adding just a tiny bit will give you such a glowing luminosity that you’ll feel really confident. And really, feeling confident is the trick to pulling off any look whether with or without make-up.”

If you’re in New York don’t forget to go and see Cayli in person at her new store at 1031, Lexington Avenue (take an empty suitcase because you will want to buy everything she has there!) and follow her on Instagram (you won’t regret it – both of her accounts are fantastic).

What are your no make up tricks? Let us know in the comments.  

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