Eye protecting smoked mackerel pate

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Did you know mackerel is good for your eyes? We have come up with a delicious way to consume this fish as a palatable, smooth paté that even kids will love. 
You might have heard that carrots are good for your eyes but what about mackerel? We have come up with a delicious way to consume this fish as a palatable, smooth paté that even kids will love. 


When it comes to eye health omega-3 fatty acids are a saviour. These oils, which most of us do not get enough of in our diets, have been found to protect adult eyes from macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome as well as help regulate eye pressure and reduce glaucoma risk. This is in addition to the benefits to our brain and blood pressure which omega-3 also can provide.

But oily fish – one of the best sources of omega-3 – is not for everyone. This pate is a more palatable way of including oily fish in your diet from a source which is not farmed, so bursting with natural goodness.

It’s a great option for kids who often enjoy a dip even if they aren’t keep on stronger tasting fish. Smoked mackerel fillets are cheap and easy to find and now some in a variety of flavours. This recipe uses the plain version but if you like your food with a bit more zing then try the cracked pepper or peri peri style instead.

Serve on toast, in baked potatoes, with crackers or with some crunchy veg on the side.


You’ll need:


2 smoked mackerel fillets or 4 mackerel strips

250g tub of cream cheese

Juice of one small lemon

Optional teaspoon of horseradish




De-skin and check for bones in the fillets, then mash until completely broken up.

Add the cream cheese and combine well.

Now add the lemon juice, half at a time so you can taste as little as you go to make it just right for you.

Thoroughly stir through the horseradish into the pate if using and serve.


If you enjoyed this, perhaps you’d be interested in how to soothe tired, dry eyes. And, if you’re in the mood for some nutritious food, why not try this pan-seared salmon that can go from plate to pan in less than five minutes. 

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