Facial cupping: A guide to the anti-ageing beauty treatment

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Have you ever tried the ancient Asian practice of cupping? Therapists use the special cups placed on your skin to create suction and provide an alternative treatment for pain relief, relaxation, inflammation and as a deep-tissue massage. Although it leaves some unsightly marks, fans of the procedure insist the benefits far outweigh the temporary bruises.

Cupping has grown in popularity over the years and facial cupping is now featuring on spa menus around the globe, but how does it work and what are the beauty benefits of the facial version?

How does facial cupping work?

First your face is cleansed and then essential oils are applied to the skin. The oil is lightly massaged in before the cupping begins. Small customised plastic or glass cups are used for the face and upper chest. Reverse suction is then applied to lift the tissue underneath the cups and gently separate the skin from the bone across your jawline, cheeks, forehead and chest. People have described the feeling as like being kissed by a big fish.  We’re not sure how that feels exactly, but apparently it’s quite relaxing.

Note: Since Lumity Facial Oil is packed with essential oils and 100% natural anti-ageing ingredients it would be ideal to prep the skin.

What does facial cupping do?

People use this non-invasive treatment to reverse the signs of ageing by eliminating wrinkles, puffiness and smoothing skin. Cupping gets the blood circulating which is essential for healthy skin. Without good circulation it doesn’t matter how good your diet is or how much water you drink because your skin simply won’t glow. Excess fluids and toxins are drained by the opening of lymphatic pathways during cupping. Facial muscles are also relaxed during the procedure and the increased circulation softens tight muscles.

Patients swear they see a marked improvement in their skin after the painless treatment and they don’t have the bruising which accompanies body cupping, meaning no downtime is needed.

Facial cupping has therapeutic benefits too

This treatment doesn’t just offer beauty benefits, it’s shown to be therapeutically beneficial as well. If you’re suffering from sinus infections, headaches, earaches or conditions which affect jaw movement it might be worth getting a facial cupping session from an expert to target your ailments.


If you’re still not sure facial cupping is for you, try facialist to the stars Nichola Joss’ simple at home massage using Lumity Facial Oil. It’s a cult gem which is fast gaining a list of A-list fans as well as being popular with their makeup artists and glam squads too. 

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