Fast fixes for the beauty problems you face on a sunshine holiday

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Sunshine holidays bring sun, sea and sand but they can also bring some hair raising beauty problems. If you’re dreading oily skin, frizzy hair and melting makeup before you’ve even finished packing then these beauty fixes are for you.

When you’ve splashed out on a manicure, pedicure and spray tan ready for your vacation in the sun it can be frustrating that your holiday beauty prep is overshadowed by issues which accompany the warm air and sandy shores.

Fortunately there are some fast fixes for common holiday beauty issues so that the only thing you need to worry about is which book to read first. 

Melting Makeup

Makeup can be a real conundrum when you’re on holiday. While in the day time you’re happy to go fresh faced behind your big sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat by night you might want to get dolled up. When it’s warm though you risk ruining your evening look as it runs down your face. 

For this reason it’s better to limit your makeup as best you can. Rather than a heavy foundation try mixing just a little with a drop or two of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil for lighter coverage. If you want to wear eye makeup but don’t want to end up look like a raccoon you can invest in an eye primer and other ‘sweat proof’ products. 

A makeup setting spray is a summer saver too and will seal and set your makeup with just a quick spritz. 

Oily Skin

You want to look dewy not oily but spending your days in the summer sun can cause you to look slick and greasy. One thing you most certainly don’t want to do is try to counterbalance the oiliness by plastering on powder which packs in your pores and causes breakouts

Cosmetic blotting paper is great for removing shine instantly. Also consider switching your heavy moisturiser for Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil. The right oil, like this all-natural one, can help oily skin. It’s super light weight and doesn’t clog the pores and has been formulated for optimum nourishment no matter what your skin type. 

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Deodorant Marks

When it’s hot it’s common to go into overdrive with the deodorant but it can be incredibly annoying to pull on your new summer dress and see white marks all over it. 

Rather than have to rethink your entire outfit there are a couple of ways you can get rid of the pesky streaks without having to throw it in the wash.

If you have dryer sheets to hand you can buff the area using one of those. Alternatively take off the piece of clothing and very gently rub the white area against itself and the residue should come off.

To avoid it happening again pat your armpits with a towel before putting your garment back on. 

Frizzy Hair

Home hair and holiday hair are often two very different things. While your locks might normally be pretty sleek, a day on a sandy beach or in the pool can transform your tresses into something which better resembles a lion’s mane. Frizzy hair is difficult to to deal with especially if you’re not used to it. So when the humidity or moisture in the air strikes you’re left wondering what on earth to do with it.

There are plenty of frizz fighting products but there are also plenty of other easy options. Hats are a simple, stylish and effective answer and hair accessories are huge in 2019. Master the art of some braids or the slicked back wet look is perfect for taming hair too. 

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Puffy Eyes

Jet lag, late nights and a little too much holiday indulgence can leave eyes red and puffy. You won’t want to hide behind sunglasses all the time so keep tired looking eyes at bay with some TLC.

Firstly don’t let fluid pool in your face as you sleep so prop yourself up a bit with another pillow at bedtime. 

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Eye drops help reduce redness and cooling eye patches or even a couple of chilled teaspoons placed on the eyes will combat puff.

Of course a good nighttime eye cream keeps eyes and the surrounding areas looking their best too.

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