Finding me-time, when you have no time

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When there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, carving out me-time can seem like a completely unattainable and downright ridiculous concept. But the idea that you could have just half an hour in a day to do something for yourself shouldn’t be far fetched. Follow these tips and make me-time a reality!

Whether it’s squeezing in a workout, reading a good book or choosing to do absolutely nothing, me-time is important for your mind, body and soul. But our hectic lives – and sometimes our unnecessary guilty consciouses – mean we simply can’t make it happen and before you know it you can’t even remember the last time you had a few minutes to yourself. 

With one life to live though it’s imperative you not only look after yourself but you enjoy it too. So if you want to make me-time part of your daily routine here’s how we suggest you do it. 

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Make a list

Making time to make a list will actually save you time in the long run. Try writing down all the things you want to get done in the day and even put a time next to them. Include your half hour (or more) of me-time in there and do your very best to stick to it. 

Having a routine can stop you procrastinating and being able to tick things off as you go is also very satisfying. 

Don’t press snooze

Hitting the snooze button is so incredibly tempting but it doesn’t actually do you any good. Those extra 15-minutes make you way groggier than if you had just got out of bed with the first beep. Once you’ve mastered the art of resisting the snooze, bump your alarm back another 15-minutes and you’ve got yourself a half hour to yourself – maybe before anyone else even wakes up in the house.

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Go for a walk

Walking is not only great exercise but it’s fantastic for de-stressing and even problem solving. There’s something about being in the outdoors which makes your mind that bit clearer and a brisk solitary walk can really refresh you. Tie up your trainers and get your me-time outside.

Make a date

We’re not saying you have to book in an afternoon at the spa every day but putting something in the calendar a couple of times a month will not only give you something to look forward to it’ll help ensure you actually do it. Make a date to have lunch with friends or to get your nails done and try to always something planned ahead of time.

Say no

This is especially difficult if you are a people pleaser but learning to say ‘no’ from time to time could make you less stressed and free up some vital time for yourself. Sometimes it’s simply necessary to be a little bit selfish and you shouldn’t feel guilty for putting yourself first. So if you’re laden down with clubs and committees it could be time to step back a bit.

Ask for help

We are all guilty of thinking ‘it’s just easier if I do it myself’ and while it can be difficult to relinquish the reigns on certain aspects of your life, you have to remember other people can help. It could be as simple as giving the kids some simple chores or if you have the funds, the luxury of getting a cleaner, but let other people pitch in and they may just surprise you with how much they get done.

Decide you’re done

This can be difficult to get your head around but the likelihood is you won’t get absolutely everything done so you have to consciously make the decision that you are done. Just because you took 30 minutes to exercise in the middle of the day doesn’t mean you should have to tack on an extra half hour to your evening to get the ironing finished. You need a cut off point and it shouldn’t just be when you collapse into bed from exhaustion. It’s time to give yourself a break.

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