The five golden rules to finding your perfect foundation

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If you're buying new beauty products, we have put together an expert guide for how to find the perfect shade of foundation for you. 
If you’re busy reaching for your make-up to cover up the signs up late nights and too many festive meals, you might have decided that a trip to the nearest department store to pick out a new foundation is in order. We have put together an expert guide for how to find the perfect shade of foundation for you. 


It can make or break your make-up look – the right foundation has transformative powers to make us look blemish free and glow when colour matched correctly. But in the wrong shade we look much older than our real age, over made up and less than our best. These golden rules should help you on your journey to foundation enlightenment! 

Don’t test on the back of your hand
It’s instinctive but so misleading, shade testing a foundation colour on the back of your hand is never going to find you the perfect match foundation. Your hands are quite simply not the same colour as your face!
Instead, you should chose your foundation by trying it on your jawline. This is because ideally you should aim to either match your face to your neck or keep your face one shade lighter than your neck. By the time you have added blusher and bronzer your face will be a little darker so if you are a fan of these go a shade lighter so the overall effect is correct.

To ensure a perfect match, it’s best to test two to three shades alongside one another — wait several minutes to let the foundation warm up and mix with your complexion. Then decide which shade looks the most natural. It might be you have to try a range of manufacturers to get the right match because skin has such a massive shade range. Caucasians will fall somewhere in the 10-20 shade range, Mediterranean and Latino skin has around 30-40 shades, and black skin is the most varied of all with a 40-50 shade range.


Work With Your Undertones


Whether your skin tone is fair, dark or anything in between, the key to finding the right foundation is dependent on your undertones. Which is also why some brands seem to offer two or more colors that look almost identical – each is embracing a cool, warm or neutral undertone.

Cool: Pink, red or blue undertones.

Warm: Yellow or golden undertones.

Neutral: A balance between both cool and warm.

There are several ways to find out which undertone you have. The quickest is to look at the veins in your wrist. If they look blue you have cool undertones, if they are green then you are warm and if you have blue and green you’re neutral. You might already know your tone without realising it – always wear yellow gold jewellery as it somehow suits you better? You probably have warm tones. If you know silver looks the best on you then you’re likely to be cool.


Make your own foundation


Some people struggle to find any foundation which matches just right. In this case it’s time to make your own. Simply take two foundations which are both close to your skin tone and mix them together to make the perfect colour combo. A pump or two of each on the back of the hand should work brilliantly. You might need a bit of practice but it will be worth it and this is also the perfect way to make a summer and winter shade – simply use a slightly darker or lighter foundation depending on the season and keep your other shade the same.


Give it a day – and daylight!


Don’t rush to buy a foundation after trying it in the store. Many beauty counters will supply you with a sample to try at home but at the very least get the foundation applied to clean skin and take a look at it outside in natural light. The best time to check your shade is a good match us in the middle of the day, where you can see the truest colour pigment. It’s worth checking how a foundation wears during the day as the colour can oxidize and change shade a little when it’s out of the bottle and on your face.


Change your foundation with the seasons


In the winter, having been inside and without decent sunlight on your skin for months you will be a lot paler than in the summer months when you are more likely to have a bronze glow. So, either mixing your own or using two different foundations through the year makes sense.


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