Gemma Sheppard: ‘My favourite age is now’

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Gemma Sheppard: 'My Favourite Age Is Now'

We can pretty much guarantee you that, whether you know it or not, you will have seen Gemma Sheppard’s work. She’s a top stylist on the celebrity circuit, and for well over a decade worked on X Factor as the lead stylist, as well as on other prime-time TV hits like Britain’s Got Talent.

Now, along with good friend Emma Forbes, Gemma Sheppard is behind a fabulous podcast called the Lifestyle Newshound which has been a huge success across the world since it launched on the wellness landscape last year. So much so that British Airways has snapped it up as part of their in-flight entertainment program globally.

Packed with fun, informative and witty chat with a variety of famous faces, you can subscribe and listen to it free of charge here –  @thelifestylenewshound. We promise you that you won’t regret it.

We wanted to speak to Gemma and find out more about her take on life and pearls of wisdom she’s gleaned over the years, and she kindly agreed to talk to us, despite having an achingly busy schedule which sees her based in London and Ibiza, raising a family, globe-trotting and working as hard as she plays.


Firstly, we are huge fans of both your work individually, and now your joint podcast is fabulous. Can you tell us how that came about? Was there a particular reason you decided to do it? Tell us all about the podcast!


The podcast developed really from a very successful and hugely popular blog, Emma and I put together several years ago called “Saluting Style” which also covered lifestyle and fashion.

After this there was a break before we started working together again and of course, the blogging world had moved on. I had started enjoying listening to podcasts with my husband, Matt.

One day, sitting with Emma at her kitchen table we were chatting and pressed record on our phones. When we played it back we both loved the idea of listeners feeling a part of our conversation. Knowing that everyone has a phone now and effectively an instant audio library at the press of the button, our idea of The Lifestyle News Hound podcast took shape.


We love how you’re so age-positive. At Lumity we strongly feel that the tide is turning and that getting older is something to savour and celebrate rather than to something to fear as it was in years gone by. What are your thoughts on this subject? 


First of all I agree with you one hundred percent!  I am truly a cup half-full person and I feel that I have lived every year of my life to the full. I have embraced every age of my life and I embrace the age I am now. I have never looked back and wished I could go back to a younger age.

Every age has huge positives and as we get older and there are shifts of emphasis and perspective, it is rewarding to be able to reflect on how every step has been relevant and of value. I believe in embracing each day and living each one in the fullest possible way. This was biggest thing that moving to Ibiza did for me – it helped me to focus on seizing the day rather than thinking about what I needed to do the next week and the one after.

Admittedly, being in the sunshine does allow you to do that whereas weather limitations in the UK can make this outlook harder but I do live in the moment wherever I am. I absolutely walk through every door of opportunity and believe that every day of our lives as whatever age is for living and for experiencing and that laughter is the everyday tonic of life.


And, what does ageing well mean to you?


To live a very happy, full and contented life.


You are both so stylish and are glowing pictures of health and vitality! What are your favourite wellness and style tips that you have learned and can share with us? 


I always say the golden rule for excellent style is clean silhouette and that less is more. I feel so privileged to be at the stage of my life and career where I have the opportunity to interview and chat to so many people from whom I am constantly learning and since doing the podcasts I have gained an abundance of information about well-being and wellness.

In my own day to day routine, I am a massive believer in greens: I make a green juice every day and I eat a lot of vegetables. I love having a “clean” diet. I think it’s about moderation – a little bit of everything in moderation. Life is for living and for having a lot of fun; it is for love and laughter with my family.


You’re both so busy and so many of us are these days, what’s your advice for staying healthy and balanced when life gets stressful?


I am a huge fan of lists and routines. They keep me sane!


What inspires you every single day? 


For me it is simply, my family. I think that watching your family grow up and seeing the results of what you put into them is really inspiring: watching them grow into little individual characters themselves is really magical.


What is the best piece of wisdom or life advice that you have been given and by whom? 


Never give up. Follow your dreams. Follow your passion. Follow what you love to do. You spend more time at work than anywhere else, so you have got to love it. You should just never give up. 

In today’s world that so quickly changes, I think the most important thing from my own personal perspective is staying relevant and retaining the ability to keep moving with things.

Don’t be fearful of these changes, whether they are to do social media or with something else. Don’t be the person who says, “I don’t know how to do that.” Be the person who says, “I’m going to learn how to do that.” I think that is what keeps you moving and relevant in a society which is always changing.


Is there a beauty product, routine you follow or a tip that’s been a lifesaver for you?

I adore Lumity products. They are a new find. Since taking the supplements each day, I think you can really see a glow and lustre to my skin. The oil is just insanely wonderful. I love it!


If you missed our interview with Gemma Sheppard’s partner Emma Forbes, then you can read it here. Don’t forget to subscribe to @thelifestylenewshound follow Gemma on Instagram here and follow Emma on Instagram here.

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