Get a total body, at-home workout without even realising it

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If you’re looking for a novel new way to fit in your daily workout around your family, your work and without leaving your home then we may have a solution for you.

Finding time for exercise during your jammed packed days, is hard enough at the best of times, but when you don’t have the motivation of your regular gym instructor, physical activity can go by the wayside.

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Perhaps the current ‘stay-at-home’ period means your workouts are constantly interrupted by those around you, or you simply feel guilty sneaking away for 30-minutes of exercise when there’s so much else to do. 

Whatever the reason, you’ll be glad to know you can still keep active and fit, every single day, with on-the-hour mini workouts that makes exercise totally doable.

So how do they work?

Rather than struggling to find 20, 30 or 40 minutes, all in one go to get active, you can break it down to a little bit every hour. 

That means if you schedule in your first short workout at 8am, come 9am you’ll do another, 10am another and so on and so forth. Just set your alarm and jump up and get it done when it goes off.

Before you think you don’t have time for that, think again. These on-the-hour workouts consist of three sets of just one exercise. So they’ll be just five minutes or so at a time.

By the time the day is done, you’ll add it up and realise you’ve completed a total-body workout without realising it. 

These are the exercises you can rotate between throughout the day, but feel free to add others to the mix. 

Hour 1: Squats 

With feet hip width apart bend you knees, push your hips back and lower your bottom into a squat – like you’re sitting on a chair. 

When your thighs are parallel to the floor, lift back up to standing. 

Do 3 sets of 50 and take a break of 30 seconds in-between each set.

Hour 2: Mountain climbers

From a straight armed plank position – or on forearms if this is too hard – with your body straight and your arms under your shoulders, bring your right knee in towards your chest and then back out to starting position. Do the same with the left leg and then alternate back and forth between the two until you’re almost jogging in plank position. 

Do 3 sets of 30 – 15 on each leg – and take a break of 30 seconds between each set.

Hour 3: Inchworm

Stand up straight and then bend from the waist – bending your knees slightly if you need to – and walk your hands out until you get to a press up position. From here walk your hands back in and return to standing. 

Do 3 sets of 10 and take a break of 30 seconds between each set.

Hour 4: Press Ups

Depending on your ability these can be done in a full press up position, from your knees or even against a wall.

Do 3 sets of 10 and take a break of 30 seconds between each set. 

Hour 5: Squat thrust

Stand up straight with feet hip width apart and then bend your knees, coming down to a crouch, put your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders and jump your feet back out behind you into a high plank. 

Jump your feet back in and stand up straight to repeat again. To add a bit more cardio you can add a jump into the air after you’ve stood up. 

Do 3 sets of 15 and take a break of 30 seconds between sets. 

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Hour 6: Alternating jack knife

Lie on your back with your legs straight out in front of you. Lift your left leg straight up towards the ceiling and at the same time lift your shoulders up and off the floor and reach for your lifted foot with the opposite hand.

Return to starting position and do with the alternate leg and arm. 

Do 3 sets of 20 – 10 on each side – and take a break of 30 seconds between sets. 

Hour 7: Side plank and dip

Lie in a straight line on your right side with legs stacked on top of one another. Lift your hips and body up so that your feet,  forearm and elbow are the only things touching the ground. 

Now lower your hips towards the ground and back up again. 

Do 3 sets of 10 on each side and take a break of 30 seconds between each set. 

Hour 8: Forward bear crawls

Get down on all fours and then lift your knees up so you are balancing on your toes and your hands. Keeping your back as flat as possible walk yourself forward three steps and then back three steps. Moving your hands and feet.

Do 3 sets of 10 – forward and back counts as one – and take a break of 30 seconds between each set. 

Hour 9: Jumping lunges

Step one leg forward and bend your knees into a lunge. You’ll want to keep your body up straight and your knees will be at 90 degree angles. Drive both legs up and jump into the air, switching your legs over so you land in a lunge with the opposite leg forward. 

If this is too intense you can do static lunges around the room instead. 

Do 3 sets of 10 and take a break of 30 seconds between each set. 

Exercise has been shown to boost your mood and up your happiness levels so it’s more important than ever to find time to workout out. If you need more inspiration for stay-at-home exercise regimes try this 10-minute HIIT workout or challenge yourself to some calming yoga too.

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