Get better as you age! The skincare tips women over 40 swear by

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We’re all about getting better as you age and we’ve taken a look at the women who are doing exactly that and the secrets to their envy inducing skin.

With age comes wisdom, and that includes knowing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to skincare. 

Women in their 40s, 50s and beyond might not be able to rely purely on the youth of their skin anymore, but it does mean they’ve had plenty of time to discover what makes their skin tick. 

From Salma Hayek’s all-natural Botox and the supplements Helena Christensen swears by to Christie Brinkley’s skin-shedding, daily regime. Here’s what celebrities wouldn’t be without when it comes to caring for their age-defying skin.  

Cate Blanchett – 50

Mary Greenwell is a great makeup artist, and before she does anything, she will massage your face to wake your muscles up. So before the makeup goes on. We started at 6 a.m. this morning, after having slept for only three hour – you feel like a shriveled-up old lady – and it really does just waken the muscles up.”

Salma Hayek – 53

“I use an ingredient called Tepezcohuite that’s used in Mexico for burn victims because it completely regenerates the skin … This is why I have no Botox, no peels, no fillings….I only use my creams.”

Yasmin Le Bon – 55

“My skin is changing daily. I have to be careful how I sleep. I have been known to have pillow face for a whole day. My routine is the same as it’s always been. I’ve always cleansed and moisturized, but I do like to try different products. Change can be as good as a rest when it comes to skincare. I also believe what you put inside has the biggest effect.

“I started taking Lumity, a healthy and beauty supplement. I’m much calmer and it helps keep my skin radiant.”

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Christie Brinkley – 66

“I start every day by exfoliating my face. That’s something I’ve done for the past 40 years. I feel like it’s really contributed to my skin feeling fresh and smooth. Forty years ago, I read an article that said men always look five years younger than women who are their same age. They contributed that to them shaving every day, and the daily exfoliating with shaving making their skin look younger. I was like, I’m not going to let them get away with that!”

Gwyneth Paltrow – 47

“In general, I love serums and face oils and body oils. I’m a real oil kind of girl. There’s a myth that oil is not good for your skin. I don’t believe in that at all.” 


Mel C – 46

“I have a Collagen Wave and Hydra Facial once a month. I also love trying new products and things like clay face masks.” She posted on Twitter, “I was also very excited to discover Lumity. I’m really surprised how well I’ve been sleeping and how my energy is up.”

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Cindy Crawford – 54

“It’s never too early, and never too late, to start taking care of your skin. I have learned that it’s like working out. You work out once and you don’t really see a big difference. But if you work out regularly for years, you do. I think skincare is the same way. So I’ve made taking care of my skin part of my routine.”  

Helena Christensen – 51

“Hydration and sleep are my two most important beauty secrets that aren’t really secrets. I can really see and feel the difference when I go to bed early and sleep soundly. Lumity helps me sleep much deeper and wake up rested with more energy. And of course water. Lots of it.”


Tracee Ellis Ross – 47

“Oh my god, it’s so good. With every swipe I get younger. Swiping away the years with face massage/de-puffer tools. Just to be clear, I have no interest in going back in time, but I’m always game for some self-care or a beauty treatment.” 

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Nicole Kidman – 52

“The really big thing for me is sun protection. Because I’m so outdoorsy, I love playing tennis, and I love working out outdoors. I love going for a run and swimming, and I just want to be able to do all of that and protect my skin because I get burnt. I use vitamin C too because that does give you protection long-term.”

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