Get the glow: How to use Lumity Facial Oil AFTER applying makeup

-May 11, Hannah Hargrave, Beauty -

how to use Lumity Facial oil
We know massaging Lumity Facial Oil into the skin can help reduce wrinkles and plump up the skin. But did you also know that it can make you glow when applied AFTER makeup.


Stylist and fashion editor Donna McCulloch – known best as Sulky Doll – spoke to Lumity about how she uses Lumity’s new Facial Oil. And she had a great tip when it comes to incorporating it into your beauty routine.

You suggest applying Lumity Facial Oil after you’ve done your makeup. How do you do this without wiping off what you’ve just put on?


Unlike the way you massage your Lumity Facial Oil into your face in the morning and evening when it comes to using it on top of your foundation or bronzer Donna says you need a different technique.

“Just use one drop and then dab it with the flat of your hand on the bones of your face. Use it on your cheekbones, nose, brow and jaw,” she explains. “Because it’s moisturising too it’s a good idea to place it on the areas that get a lot of sun and wind exposure.

“For me I have high cheekbones so I always apply it there.”


What look do you achieve by putting Lumity Facial Oil over your makeup?


You might think dabbing oil onto your skin and not rubbing it in would leave you looking greasy. But Donna insists that with the right application you’ll look positively glowing: “Use it sparingly,” she says. “Less is more, so you only need a tiny bit. That way you’ll avoid looking greasy, instead you’ll look dewy and fresh.”

Can we take this look from day to night?


Fortunately you don’t have to wait for a night out on the town to try this fresh-faced beauty tip, since Donna insists it’s an everyday essential:

She says: “When I’m on holiday all I actually use day or night is Lumity Facial Oil and bronzer. But dabbing it onto your facial bones is a simple tip you can add to just about any look.” 


So it’s fair to say Lumity Facial Oil is a firm fixture in your makeup bag?


“Definitely. Since discovering Lumity Facial Oil, I’ve recommended it to so many people. Not just for beauty purposes either.

“I recently had a skin peel and while my skin was heeling I literally doused my face in Lumity Facial Oil because of its regenerative properties.

“I use it everyday. I’ll add it to my moisturiser for the day to give a glow and at night I’ll apply it on it’s own to make my skin look plumper. 

“But there’s so much more it can be used for too. It’s fantastic for dry skin patches and because it’s all natural and made from natural botanical oils I feel comfortable using it on my children too. I’m really never without it.”



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